All fall down by Ally Carter Review

Publisher: Scholastic Press (January 20th)

Format: Paperback (320 pages)

Source:  This book was sent to me

Synopsis: For Grace life is different now. It’s all about trying tosee the truth that her mother`s death was an accident and that she is wrong.There is no scarred man.

Review: I had previously read all of Ally Carter`s books and loved the, because of the adventure that was in them, so natural I was desperate to read this book. The start of the book was a bit confusing because I didn`t feel as if the character and plot was brought into the book well and it felt very rushed. The thing which could improve the book is to create a background for the characters and a better description of them. On the other hand as I got into the book I found it easier to follow the plot and to read the book. Grace I felt was a strong female character who knew a lot about military and things related. However she is small minded and judges things quick without thinking- these are her flaws. Her flaws are important because it means the author has thought to make the characters a real as possible. Overall the book is okay because it did make want to read it but I found there were parts where I felt left out as a reader. The ending was also a cliché. Furthermore as a reader I felt this book was more of a draft than the real thing and there is a lot elements that could be improved- this could be due to the fact that this book is the first in a series. I would only recommend this book to younger readers (aged 8-12) because of how simplistic the plot was and an older reader, I think, wouldn`t enjoy it for what it`s worth. Hopefully the second book will be better and full of the action All Carter creates. I rate this book ★★★