Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick Review

Publisher: Simon & Schuster  (7 Oct. 2014)

Format: Paperback (400 pages)

Source: This book was sent to me


All Britt wanted was a backpacking trip with no fuss and a chance to hook up with her ex-boyfriend, what could possibly stop her dream from coming true? But all it took was a little bit of snow. Freezing and desperate for warmth, Britt and her friend Korbie stumbled across a cabin and in it was two men named Mason and Shawn. Shawn seemed too friendly to be true and Mason appears to be warning Britt; however dark secrets are being laid. Falling in love has never been so dangerous.


This novel is a fiction YA (young adult) book. Having read the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick, I was expecting her new work to be even better and Fitzpatrick never disappointed me. Her new work is set in mountains of Wyoming, Idlewilde, a cabin which Korbie`s family owned. Darkness, mystery and love are the themes which kept popping up they added suspense to the novel although without them the novel already seemed dark.

The writing was easy to read and Fitzpatrick`s way of writing drawn me in the moment I picked up the book. The characters were really easy to understand as they were portrayed as to what teenagers in America, if not every teenager, could relate to. For example with the character Britt, she has to work hard but she also notice things a lot (which help her in the book). The setting of this book is beautiful, mountains of snow what’s not to like? Yes thinking about it now might be wonderful for those winter/snow lovers, but for the characters, this is not really paradise.

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My Book Wishlist

Book wishlist
Book wishlist

Being a bookworm means that there are always new books out there that are “destined” for me to read. I have found that it is quite hard to keep up with the books I want to read so this is the reason why I have created this post. Also when it is my Birthday or Christmas people tend to ask me what do I want and in my head I`m like “I have no idea, oh no,” although during the year I have wanted things (books) but my mimd goes blank when ask me. Therefore this post should keep me up to date on the things I want and when someone asks me what I want I can be like ” Well there are a few things I want like….and…. and….”.

Insurgent movie review

Insurgent movie poster.

Firstly my favourite part was in the beginning when Tris, Four and Caleb were jumping on the train. The reason why I LOVE this part sooooooo much is because it reminds me what Divergent was like and how I should definitely enjoy the film. It also shows Tris as really bad-ass character.

My least favourite part was near the end where Tris wanted to open the box. This is because in a way it shows that Tris doesn`t really care about Four, who will do anything for her even give up his own life. In a way I feel like Tris takes Four`s love for granted.

Overall the film is full of action and is really fast paced. I recommend watching it to get a sense of what the Divergent world would look like and what action will be like on screen. It was a little true to the book but the way things are filmed aren`t the way I pictured it in my mind.

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