Insurgent movie review

Insurgent movie poster.

Firstly my favourite part was in the beginning when Tris, Four and Caleb were jumping on the train. The reason why I LOVE this part sooooooo much is because it reminds me what Divergent was like and how I should definitely enjoy the film. It also shows Tris as really bad-ass character.

My least favourite part was near the end where Tris wanted to open the box. This is because in a way it shows that Tris doesn`t really care about Four, who will do anything for her even give up his own life. In a way I feel like Tris takes Four`s love for granted.

Overall the film is full of action and is really fast paced. I recommend watching it to get a sense of what the Divergent world would look like and what action will be like on screen. It was a little true to the book but the way things are filmed aren`t the way I pictured it in my mind.

Is Insurgent better than Divergent?

This is a question that I can`t answer because Divergent and Insurgent are so different from each other, the plot is different and new characters are introduced.