Books turning into films?

Some of the books turned to screen.
Some of the books turned to screen.

Recently many YA books are being turned into films/TV shows or are in the process of being turned. Some examples of this are Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, The Faults in our stars and the Maze Runner.

I mean I do enjoy seeing a book I love on screen. I get to see what the setting is like and seeing the characters come to life and interact with each other. It`s nice to see everything not being fictional and in my imagination for once. Truing books into films also promotes the books and will get other non-readers to actually read and love a book the way I do.

However in a way I`ve kind of had enough. I know the 5th wave is coming out in cinemas in 2016 and there will be a new TV show based on The Mortal Instruments (TMI), but why? I`m sure there was a reason why TMI film didn`t worked out as expected. Maybe the fans didn`t like it being “turned”, so why is it becoming a TV show? In my opinion it`s a sign to stop. Too many books are being turned and this outs me off the book or finishing the series (the film is based on). When I read a book the way I picture the characters is out of my own imagination and when I go to watch the film or have a glimpse of  the trailer accidentally my version of the character/s is ruined. Also sometimes the production does do the books justice. Books are books and maybe they should be kept that way?


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  1. I agree! It seems as though every single book I read is being made into a movie or tv show.


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