The scorch trials by James Dashner Review

Publisher: Chicken House (4 Aug. 2011)

Format: Paperback (384 pages)

Source: Bought


The Maze has ended and Thomas and his fellow glades a safe. Safe, is there such thing now? When the gladers wake up to see something horrific, they forget that they`re in the hands of wicked.


This book has been on my to-read-list the longest and I`ve been putting off reading it because I`ve had trouble getting into the book. However I have finally decided to pick the book up again and read it before the film comes out.

The scorch trials is the second book in the Maze runner series and continues Thomas’ journey with his friends. The group have escaped the maze and now it`s time for them to know the truth behind the maze and the purpose of it. However safe they may feel it`s not the end because it`s time for the second set of trials- the scorch trials.

Immediately the novel opens with a fast pace and as the reader you are thrown into the story line straight away. This is a good thing because the maze runner (the first book) took a very long time introducing the dystopian world.  Surprisingly the writing was easy to read the third time round picking up the book and I got into the story quickly. What I also liked about this book is it challenges YA, due to its minimal but effect goriness and how realistic it is- the maze and scorch trials could actually happen in the future. In addition I also liked how the main character was a male because in dystopian YA the main characters are always females who break out of society.

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5 books you should be reading this summer

2015-05-23 15.18.05

Summer is here and during the summer there is more light, the air feels lighter and it is just the right season to read as many books as you can; so I have complied a list of books that you should definitely read. All these books are contemporary books because they have the amazing summer feels and contemporary books just define summer.

1) Morgan Matson is just the best contemporary writer and all of her books are enlightening and leaves the summer buzzes. This book especially is amazing and who doesn`t like a road trip book? The book itself looks like a cutesy romance book, it is, but it does hold the element of family.

2) Next we have “The summer I turned pretty” by Jenny Han. Jenny Han is my go to contemporary writer because all of her books draws you in immediately and the way she sets out all of the events in her books is perfect-there aren`t any flaws.

The whole Summer series takes place between a few years on Belly who has always been in love with the Fisher brothers: Conrad and Jeremiah. She could have never chosen between them at the start but growing up she realises that she can`t keep both of them, she can only keep one.

I would recommend any of Jenny Han`s books because they are all perfect and they contain the element of family as well as romance, which makes they books more realistic. Her loves triangle are also to die for.

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I was here by Gayle Foreman Review

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books (29 Jan. 2015)

Format: Paperback (228 pages)

Source: Library copy

Synopsis: Meg and Cody have always been the closet best friends you have ever. They always tell each other everything and they know when one of them is upset. But when Cody decides to leave Meg alone forever without telling her Meg goes to investigate and revel the truth behind what Cody was hiding.


I originally didn`t expect anything amazing when I first started the book because I didn`t enjoy reading Gayle Foreman`s other works. When I first started I found it quite easy to get into as the writing was simplistic but I felt the tone of the book was very strong of sadness and this, in a way, went through me and encouraged me to continue reading.

The plot line of the book isn`t something worth going on and on about because it is quite a cliche- a girl trying to find out why her friend committed suicide whilst falling in love at the same time. Although the thing that is worth talking about is how real the characters are and how they have imperfections. We see a lot of characters in books who are seemingly perfect and all they worry about is the things they take for granted but the characters in this book have a rawness to them and they are just human, if you know what I mean.

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