I was here by Gayle Foreman Review

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books (29 Jan. 2015)

Format: Paperback (228 pages)

Source: Library copy

Synopsis: Meg and Cody have always been the closet best friends you have ever. They always tell each other everything and they know when one of them is upset. But when Cody decides to leave Meg alone forever without telling her Meg goes to investigate and revel the truth behind what Cody was hiding.


I originally didn`t expect anything amazing when I first started the book because I didn`t enjoy reading Gayle Foreman`s other works. When I first started I found it quite easy to get into as the writing was simplistic but I felt the tone of the book was very strong of sadness and this, in a way, went through me and encouraged me to continue reading.

The plot line of the book isn`t something worth going on and on about because it is quite a cliche- a girl trying to find out why her friend committed suicide whilst falling in love at the same time. Although the thing that is worth talking about is how real the characters are and how they have imperfections. We see a lot of characters in books who are seemingly perfect and all they worry about is the things they take for granted but the characters in this book have a rawness to them and they are just human, if you know what I mean.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has an interest the genre contemporary or interested in the topic of suicide. However the main theme in this book is growing up; not depending on each someone and falling on your own feet. The story is beautiful and contains some honesty in this world.

Ohhh and don`t you just think Gayle Foreman`s books and the best title!

I rate this book ★★★★


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