5 books you should be reading this summer

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Summer is here and during the summer there is more light, the air feels lighter and it is just the right season to read as many books as you can; so I have complied a list of books that you should definitely read. All these books are contemporary books because they have the amazing summer feels and contemporary books just define summer.

1) Morgan Matson is just the best contemporary writer and all of her books are enlightening and leaves the summer buzzes. This book especially is amazing and who doesn`t like a road trip book? The book itself looks like a cutesy romance book, it is, but it does hold the element of family.

2) Next we have “The summer I turned pretty” by Jenny Han. Jenny Han is my go to contemporary writer because all of her books draws you in immediately and the way she sets out all of the events in her books is perfect-there aren`t any flaws.

The whole Summer series takes place between a few years on Belly who has always been in love with the Fisher brothers: Conrad and Jeremiah. She could have never chosen between them at the start but growing up she realises that she can`t keep both of them, she can only keep one.

I would recommend any of Jenny Han`s books because they are all perfect and they contain the element of family as well as romance, which makes they books more realistic. Her loves triangle are also to die for.

3) This is another obvious recommendation but IF YOU HAVEN`T READ ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS YOU HAVEN`T LIVED YET ;). This is a novel that is set in France in a boarding school and it`s all about Anna`s story of trying to find her way and living without her parents in France and meeting St Clair who seems like the nicest person on earth but out of reach.

Everyone loves this book so you will definitely love this book. You will also fall in love with St Clair like any reader and me. So pick up this book!

 4) Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe is a very truthful book on life and growing up. The story evolves around two boys call Aristotle and Dante, hence the book title, and it`s all about them finding out about themselves and who they really are. This is only what I can tell you about the book because I think it`s best to into the book with as little detail as possible.

 5) This book. What can I say? If you haven`t read this book pick it up immediately! This novel starts when two teens meet on top of their school bell tower to take their own lives, but they don`t. They become friends and they go on wanders and question the meaning of life whilst trying to get their own back. This book is a beautiful novel that you MUST read.


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  1. Anna and the French Kiss and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour and totally great summer reads! I have yet to read the other books on your list but I own one of them and I’m hoping to pick it up soon. Great post 🙂


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