The scorch trials by James Dashner Review

Publisher: Chicken House (4 Aug. 2011)

Format: Paperback (384 pages)

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The Maze has ended and Thomas and his fellow glades a safe. Safe, is there such thing now? When the gladers wake up to see something horrific, they forget that they`re in the hands of wicked.


This book has been on my to-read-list the longest and I`ve been putting off reading it because I`ve had trouble getting into the book. However I have finally decided to pick the book up again and read it before the film comes out.

The scorch trials is the second book in the Maze runner series and continues Thomas’ journey with his friends. The group have escaped the maze and now it`s time for them to know the truth behind the maze and the purpose of it. However safe they may feel it`s not the end because it`s time for the second set of trials- the scorch trials.

Immediately the novel opens with a fast pace and as the reader you are thrown into the story line straight away. This is a good thing because the maze runner (the first book) took a very long time introducing the dystopian world.  Surprisingly the writing was easy to read the third time round picking up the book and I got into the story quickly. What I also liked about this book is it challenges YA, due to its minimal but effect goriness and how realistic it is- the maze and scorch trials could actually happen in the future. In addition I also liked how the main character was a male because in dystopian YA the main characters are always females who break out of society.

On the other hand I didn`t enjoy how then theme romance suddenly entered this series and the romance was just everywhere and quite annoying because one of the reasons why I enjoyed the Maze Runner was because there was hardly any romance. There was one specific character that was very annoying and I wanted that person to be eaten by grievers if they were still in the maze but no. the frustration of this character made me dislike the book unfortunately. Moreover I didn`t feel any attachments to this book, I just didn`t connect with it.

Overall this book was an okay book but it needed some development to make it flow and so parts of the story weren`t in huge chunks, if you know what I`m saying.

I rate this book ★★

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  1. I have been wondering whether to read this one before I see the movie, but I found the first book a little hard to get into so I’m still not sure whether I should read it! I agree, one of the reasons why I liked the maze runner was because of the lack of romance and the male character! Although I am intrigued to read about the romance developing in this book! -M xo


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