Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas Review

Publisher: Bloomsbury (2 Aug. 2012)

Format: Paperback (432 pages)

Source: Brought


This book evolves around Celaena Sordothian who is an assassin. When we first see her she is offered to become the King`s Champion or stay imprisoned in the salt mines in Endovie. She takes the choice that guarantees her freedom but weeks into the competition other competitor are being found dead by something unknown…


This book has received so much praise and hype that it`s very impossible to not pick it up. The genre the book lies in is fantasy (my favourite genre), magic and a little bit of romance (maybe more than a little bit). However what I found that made me picked up the book even more was the cover, which is really pretty, yet dark at the same time, and I love how on the front it has Celaena all dressed up for battle being armed weapons but the back of the book contrasts with this and it has Celaena dressed in a dress representing her feminine side. It`s an absolute cover buy.

The characters in this book were quite diverse and different, although I found that some characters less believable than others because of their appearance and the way they aren`t mentioned much in the book. However I found that one of the character resembled me so much, I`ve never read of a character that has the same qualities and interest as me, and that character is our protagonist: Celaena. Celaena loves reading (I do as well), she is strong, and she is very cleaver! Even though we do see other strong female characters in YA, like Katniss, I have never been able to relate to one because they have never been accessible. Celaena is just the best and the whole reason why this book is worth reading. Also Celaena and Chaol are my OTP! 😛

The plot of the book is very complex and deep, there are many things happening at the same time. We have Celaena fighting to become the Kings Champion but at the same time there is something dark that dwells in the castle that correlates with some champions dying. It`s epic. With such a complex plot you would think that you would be confused, although this isn`t the case Sarah J. Maas has spent a lot of effort to make everything flow and the writing very easy to read so that there isn`t any problems encountered on the reading journey.

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My copy of the book and trying to be cool with the edits.

Without any hesitations I absolutely recommend this book to anyone, especially to those fantasy lovers out there. The book has many layers and it kept me awake to peal of those layers. It was a really amazing experience to read the book so everyone should pick it up, even if you don`t enjoy fantasy, just read it, read the first few pages and be transported right away.

I rate this book ★★★★★

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