The Queen of The Tearling by Erika Johansan

Publisher: Bantam Press (17 July 2014)

Format: Paperback (512 pages)

Source: Brought


When Kelsea was a child she was taken into hiding and now being nineteen she is taken back to The Keep of The Tearling. Unlike most nineteen year olds she is a Princess and now it`s her time to become queen.

However the thought of becoming queen might as well be called impossible because there are many people who want her dead.

She would either survive to become one of the most impressive and powerful Queen of The Tearling or be dead within a matter days.


I don`t know where to start with this review, it`s so hard. I love this book so much! This book becoming one of my most favourite books of all times means that this book has something. Normally I am very hard to please because I`ve read so many books that they look like they`re all the same. But this book is something big and I love it so much.

Kelsea is a very strong female character because she will do anything to get what she wants, and yes we do see strong female characters toady in modern YA but not all of them have a heart. Our protagonist strives to do everything morally- the opposite of the mother- and all her actions have a purpose. Another thing which I adore about Kelsea is that she loves books! I can really relate to this. In the book she does whatever she can to get the library from her childhood back and this inspired me to keep reading. In addition I particularly enjoyed Kelsea`s relationship with the Queen`s Guard because I found it funny how they didn`t take her seriously but they still respected her.

Before I read the book I heard that many people didn`t enjoy this book because of the slow world building, however, I didn`t have any trouble with is. If you want to read this book please bear in mind that there isn`t any fast paced action. What I noticed about the books was that “less is more” in the book, it feels as though nothing happened in the book due to the world building, although a lot of things did happen. On the other hand I found the setting of the book was quite confusing because it`s set in a fantasy world that is like the futuristic world of today but it`s also medieval. Weird, I know, but a good weird- you`ve never seen it before. I also love the fact that it wasn`t just one perspective, there were many, and you get a good feel of what the characters were thinking.

Even though beforehand I`ve read many fantasy books, with this book I wanted more and it kept me up reading, there were no clichés and Kelsea did do any irresponsible things. Another thing that kept me reading was the writing. The writing style is very captivating and I can`t really explain it, although after reading this book I realised that I probably enjoy adult fantasy books more than YA because the writing isn`t simple and plain-its descriptive and deep.

To conclude I certainly recommend this book, especially to those fantasy lovers who are bored of YA fantasy and want to reading something less clichéd and simple, maybe a little adult even.  Although I don`t recommend this book to action lovers who want to be continually on the edge of their chairs.

Read this book! The characters are perfect. The plot is perfect. The setting is perfect. I can`t express to you how much I love this book. When I fished the books I was left wanting more.

I rate this book ★★★★★

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