T5W – Top Books with Mental Health/Illness

It`s Wednesday and this means it is another time of the week for a Top 5 Wednesday and this week`s is books with mental health/illness. Now this subject isn`t something to take on lightly and I really appreciate it when an author has done the book justice.

So to start off we have All the Bright Places by Jenifer Niven. If you haven`t read or heard of this book you have been living under a rock. There, I said it. The book deserves all the hype it gets because it`s a real eye opener to this topic and I realised when I read it that you need to value every moment you have because time doesn`t wait for anyone.

Then we have We were liars by E. Lockhart. This was one of my most favourite book of 2014 because it not only deals with having a mental illness well but it deals with the past and the present and most books don`t talk about the past much. It`s mainly just very brief.

The fault in our stars by John Green. What else can I say about this book other than the fact that everyone much have heard about it and it`s pretty much a YA book that everyone should read. I think that with this book the metaphors really get you going and everyone who reads it normally loves it. This is actually my most favourite John Green book.

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