Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Mass Review

Publisher:  Bloomsbury (1 Sept. 2015)

Format: Paperback (656 pages)

Source: Brought


It`s time for Celaena to get back to Ardarlan to destroy the King and to save to people who had suffered from his evilness. However when she gets back there are so many things she needs to do before she can carry out her own task. Without any doubt this is the hardest time for Celaena and her somewhat compainions.


I think one of the reasons why I love reading book series and especially this series is because of the character development that intertwines with the story but also how real the characters are. I love the fact that Mass takes her time with the characters to show who they really are and their traits and weaknesses. You don`t feel like you are missing out on anything in this book. You get to feel and be the characters whilst you read the book because all the characters get their part to tell their story. I also felt Celaena has grown up so much in this book and we don`t see her as the eighteen year old she is but we actually see her as a leader, a queen.

From my own experiences I found that the books go better. Heir of Fire was my favourite book before I read this book, although now I would have to say it`s Queen of Shadows. The book itself is around 600 odd pages but I read it in 2 days! When you pick it up you feel like you`re in a trance and you can`t just stop reading. As much as the third book having a lot of twist and turns, the plot in this book gets better! Everything comes to place in this book and you see what happens to previous characters and events come together to create a big picture. As well as a lit if action happening in this book there is also some parts of Celaena`s past which breaks my heart when I read it. The plot was not expected and I don`t think you could guess what was going to happen- this is a good thing because I`ve seen so many things in YA that I could easily guess a book`s plot.

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