My thoughts on re-reading books

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Today I`m going to do another post in my bookish- tea- time category where everything that doesn`t have a categories here on book blogging world is placed. Now for today`s post I am going to be talking about re-reading books.

I don`t know about you but I used to have this thing about re-reading books where I just couldn`t do it. The reason may be because I already know the plot and so the element of surprise isn`t there. However when I talking to someone about watching a film over and over again, the person said that it`s good to watch films again because you see some things that you may have missed the first time. Then it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I should read books more than once so that I would get the best out of the book.

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Taking it back to earlier this year I first read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, which is one of my favourite book, and a few months after reading it for the first time I read again. The second time round I didn`t have any troubles reading it, and although I knew the plot, it didn`t bother me and I loved the book the second time around just like the first. If you`re wondering, yes I did cry- it`s so heart wrenching.

In addition I have just recently finished The Assassin`s Blade by Sarah J. Maas and the book pulled back into the world the book is set in. Once I finished the book and spent a lot of time brawling my eyes out, I immediently felt the urge to read all the published books of the Throne of Glass series again. However I stopped myself because I has other books on my TBR that needed a little of attention first.

To conclude, I have now changed my mind on re-reading books and I think it`s perfectly fine to read again an old love *coughs Eleanor and Park*. Now I feel like my reading habit has changed and I now only read the book that I want to read or has a pulled me towards it to read. I have now learned that I don`t need to read the “latest” book that everyone is talking about because I might not be my kind of read and I would be wasting time and effort when I could have been reading a book that I`m really exited about.

Thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on re-reading books

  1. I’m currently reading Eleanor and Park for the first time and I’m loving it! And, I’ve read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy five times, just because I love it so much!


  2. I don’t often reread books anymore because crazily, I view it as ‘wasting reading time’ since I have so many other books to finish off and review. Just one of the many ways blogging has turned me a bit crazy haha. I do adore rewatching movies and reliving the emotions though, I rewatch LOTR every single year!

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  3. I’m sure if I tried it, I would get something new out of re-reading a book, but the idea physically pains me. Probably because, as aentee commented, I’d rather use my very limited time to read other books for the FIRST time.


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