A Halloweeny Wrap Up and Update

Happy Halloween!

(or happy holiday to those who don`t celebrate Halloween)

Trick or Treat?

Today I have a very Halloweeny wrap up! Ha ha. I tricked you! I actually don`t have a Halloweeny wrap up because non of the books I read are scary. Let me tell you something, I`m am an absolute chicken towards horror or thrillers, I can`t read them and I probably won`t ever read them.

Anyway the books that I mention today are the books I read in September and October. Recently I been finding myself reading less because of the amount time I have to read. The only time I have to read is before I go to bed and lets be honest that this isn`t the best time because I normally find myself finding it hard to put the book down.

The lovely September books:

2015-09-12 13.58.47_edited

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas– Now surprisingly I really enjoyed this book and I just find that the books get better and better. I feel like something big is going to happen in the next book.

How to be Bad– Sadly I didn`t enjoy this book as I wanted to. If I`m completely honest the main reason why I wanted to read this book is because I wanted to read a road trip book but I couldn`t get my hands on Amy and Rodger`s Epic Detor. One of the main problem I had with this book was I couldn`t connect with any of the characters and they were just a bit boring me. I know that my friend enjoyed this book so maybe you might enjoy it.

The Assassin`s Blade by Sarah J. Maas- I finally read this book and it is amazing as they say. I would really recommend reading this book but reading if after you read Throne of Glass because right now I am torn between Sam and Rowan. This novella gave me a great insight into the life of Selaena before the salt mines and it made me feel for her even more.

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Magisterium: The Iron Trials by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Review

Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (11 September 2014)

Format: Hardcover (320 pages)

Source: Brought


A lot of people dream of having magic and the ability to do anything, but not Callum. When it`s Callum`s turn to attend the test for the Magisterium, a school where magic is taught, his father tells him to do his best to fail. Not the kind of father that wants his son to succeed Allister tells his son to fail and teaches Callum the bad things about this school and Mages. Although when Callum gets into the school he sees that it is not all bad…



From wanting to read this book for a long time the want turned into a need. Finally when I got my hands on the book I could finally live the writing and the plot of this book. In this book I`ve found many resemblance to the characters in the books Harry Potter. We have Tamara who sticks to the rules and is studious, doesn`t she sound like another Hermione? Like many other readers out there I found it very hard to stop thing about Harry Potter (HP) and to see the characters in The Iron Trials as themselves, however some of the time it was quite hard.

Although I did like how at some point the trio in this book were different to the trio in HP and I could see the characters the way the authors see them. For example in one part of the book Callum was reckless and he did something that he shouldn`t have, this was the moment when I could see Callum and fell in love with characters. In addition I loved Havoc (Callum`s chaos ridden wolf).


This book reminded why I love reading middle grade/children books because the writing is so simple and I will probably never have a problem with reading these types of books. There is no big metaphors that are confusing and there is so no instant romance. I feel like children books have no limits compared to YA books and the imagination is just much greater-it`s infinite. Like I said the book was really easy to read and I had no problems connecting with the book.

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Are some books over-hyped?

Hello and welcome back to lifeissweetinbooks. Today I have another questiony/ranty post where I will discussing popular books.

Recently or over the past year or so booktube has been discovered by many publishers and so publishers have been sending books to many of the booktubers who have a lot if views. While this may create a arc envy towards other booktubers and bloggers it means that many people will talk a lot about the same book.

From my own personal experiences I have seen many books that are raved and talked about a lot but when I actually read the book I didn`t enjoy it as I thought I would. When I hear about a book over and over again I know that I definitely enjoy it because many people have, although in reality I didn`t. A recent example of this is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I was expecting so much from this book because everyone said that it was their favourite book of 2015 and the plot twist was suspenseful, however I didn`t enjoy the book, the plot was obvious and a bit of a cliche.Read More »

Why you should read

When life gets to hard or the feeling of stress takes over, you need something to take the negativity away and immerse yourself in different world where nothing can touch you. Thinking the solution is netflix and watching a film? Think again. There`s a better option and this is books!

I`ve suddenly realised that I have been reading less and there`s no time for me to read anymore due to always being busy with other things. However because of this I`ve been feeling like I have been missing something and I feel incomplete, in a weird way. The only time I have to read now is before bed and the time is limited. In a way I feel like I have forgotten my love for books. I have forgotten why I love reading. Therefore the purpose of toady`s post is to recap why I love reading and to maybe persuade the non-readers to read.

2015-08-25 13.57.00_edited

Reading is a way to escape reality and to encounter and adventure or read about a certain topic that you feel strongly about. You don`t have to read fiction, reading is reading. I find that I really love reading fantasy and adventure books because lets face it, in real life I wouldn`t be able to slay dragons or take a ride on a unicorn (unicorns are real).

For a more scientific point of view, there are many benefits of reading regularly for pleasure:

  • You`ll have better sleeping patterns- a massive pro because we all love sleeping.
  • You would be better at dealing with difficult situations.
  • You would have more self esteem and be more confident.

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review

Publisher: Orion (2 July 2015)

Format:  Paperback: 400 pages

Source: Brought


This world is based on Reds (who have read blood) and Silvers (who have silver blood). Mare (our protagonist) is a red blood and red bloods are the lowest of the low, they are peasants compared to the silvers, who have everything. Silvers have power and this is the reason why they outlaw the reds, but when Mare finds out she has a power could it be the end for this injustice system?


Due to all the hype based on this one novel, I really wanted to read this book and live up to the hype like other readers. What I found was a big downfall of this book was the characters, they didn`t seem to click with each other and I wasn`t persuaded enough to believe in them. Another thing is I couldn`t relate to any other the characters, nevertheless Mare, who I found to be quite annoying and making silly mistakes. I also found she wasn`t acting her age, she acted like a six year old girl who was just doing what she wanted without thinking of the consequences.

In addition I found the plot was quite a cliché. I could predict what would happen and I wasn’t left wanting to read more. As I got further into the book I found this book was like any other dystopian book I`ve read, there was a girl who has found something new about herself and she going trying to break out of society and ruin everything. In my opinion I have had enough of these so called dystopian novels, there is nothing different about each of them, and Red Queen as I thought wasn`t any different. On the other hand I didn`t predict the plot twist so this was something worth reading, and yes like many others I was surprised. I thought it was quite clever that there were clues throughout the book saying:

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

“He`s his mother`s son.”

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Pretty book covers

Good morning/evening fellow readers,

Today I`m going to do another post in my bookish- tea- time  categories where everything that doesn`t have a categories here on book blogging world is placed. Now for today`s post I am going to be talking about the prettiest book covers that I`e seen.

Now I know we shouldn`t judge a book by it`s cover, but sometimes we can`t just help it. So toady I decided to write a post on book covers that are worth gushing over.

A big thing for me when choosing a book to read it the cover. The reason for this is because if the cover reflects the book and so if the book has a cheesy cover it`ll make me not want to read it. Sometimes I don`t like book covers having people because it could represent the context of when the book was published and I always find myself flicking back to the front cover to see if there is resemblance to the character on the cover and the description of the book.

A thousand pieces of you- I personally haven`t read this book because I haven`t found the time. Get it??? This book is about time travel and speaking of which I love Dr Who at the moment. Anyway the cover is just gorgeous! The way there us two worlds and they`re opposite each other and the colours! It`s so pretty and I love the white font because it matches with the plane white background.

Shatter me– This is an absolute no brainier. Everyone loves the covers of this series.It may be an eye but the eye lashes are trees! The colour combination, in addition, makes me want to read this book book so badly. Again I haven`t read this book and I feel like I`m missing out on so much action and another world I think I`ll love.

I capture the castle– now this book I have actually read and love! This is a classic that everyone should read, It`s a bit of a bitter sweet story but I just love it. This cover is my favourite one that I`ve seen so far because it has the family and what they would actually be doing like in the book. The cover is just so pretty. ❤Read More »