Why you should read

When life gets to hard or the feeling of stress takes over, you need something to take the negativity away and immerse yourself in different world where nothing can touch you. Thinking the solution is netflix and watching a film? Think again. There`s a better option and this is books!

I`ve suddenly realised that I have been reading less and there`s no time for me to read anymore due to always being busy with other things. However because of this I`ve been feeling like I have been missing something and I feel incomplete, in a weird way. The only time I have to read now is before bed and the time is limited. In a way I feel like I have forgotten my love for books. I have forgotten why I love reading. Therefore the purpose of toady`s post is to recap why I love reading and to maybe persuade the non-readers to read.

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Reading is a way to escape reality and to encounter and adventure or read about a certain topic that you feel strongly about. You don`t have to read fiction, reading is reading. I find that I really love reading fantasy and adventure books because lets face it, in real life I wouldn`t be able to slay dragons or take a ride on a unicorn (unicorns are real).

For a more scientific point of view, there are many benefits of reading regularly for pleasure:

  • You`ll have better sleeping patterns- a massive pro because we all love sleeping.
  • You would be better at dealing with difficult situations.
  • You would have more self esteem and be more confident.

In addition you would have better vocabulary and more ideas. Reading can takes you places where you wouldn`t have in reality and all you need is to find the right book for you.

Take time picking the right book because worlds are powerful and then read. It doesn`t matter if you read slow or find it hard. It will be worth it in the end.

I hope I have persuaded you to read and I have certainly reminded myself the benefits of reading and why I love reading.

Thank you for reading. Franciska xxx


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