Magisterium: The Iron Trials by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Review

Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (11 September 2014)

Format: Hardcover (320 pages)

Source: Brought


A lot of people dream of having magic and the ability to do anything, but not Callum. When it`s Callum`s turn to attend the test for the Magisterium, a school where magic is taught, his father tells him to do his best to fail. Not the kind of father that wants his son to succeed Allister tells his son to fail and teaches Callum the bad things about this school and Mages. Although when Callum gets into the school he sees that it is not all bad…



From wanting to read this book for a long time the want turned into a need. Finally when I got my hands on the book I could finally live the writing and the plot of this book. In this book I`ve found many resemblance to the characters in the books Harry Potter. We have Tamara who sticks to the rules and is studious, doesn`t she sound like another Hermione? Like many other readers out there I found it very hard to stop thing about Harry Potter (HP) and to see the characters in The Iron Trials as themselves, however some of the time it was quite hard.

Although I did like how at some point the trio in this book were different to the trio in HP and I could see the characters the way the authors see them. For example in one part of the book Callum was reckless and he did something that he shouldn`t have, this was the moment when I could see Callum and fell in love with characters. In addition I loved Havoc (Callum`s chaos ridden wolf).


This book reminded why I love reading middle grade/children books because the writing is so simple and I will probably never have a problem with reading these types of books. There is no big metaphors that are confusing and there is so no instant romance. I feel like children books have no limits compared to YA books and the imagination is just much greater-it`s infinite. Like I said the book was really easy to read and I had no problems connecting with the book.


Magisterium makes me want to learn magic and become a Mage, but we all know that this can`t happen sadly. The school and the whole new-to-magic-thing was interesting to read and you really so get to see a magic school in another context.

Callum has to try to find away to get out of Magisterium because his dad doesn`t approve of it. But overtime he realises that he actually loves the school and there is the enemy of death who wants to devour the world.

One of the most significant thing of the book was the plot twist. I was expecting it! This is such a profound thing because I normally expect plot twist-they are normally very obvious-however this one was not. Overall I was intrigued in this story but about during the end I was bored, nothing was happening, then the plot twist hit me.


Yes! I do recommend this book. If you`re having a HP hangover or you are looking for a magical read then this is it.

I rate this book ★★★


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