My Christmas Wishlist…

Since it is nearly Christmas I thought I do a wishlist so I can see all the books I want to read and maybe you can add a few more books to your own wishlist.

For me Christmas means curling up with a good book to read whist the weather outside is snowing. Therefore for Christmas I need the right book, but there are so many books out there. Which one would be the right one? How would I know it`s the right one? Well I guess I will only find out by read the book themselves.

First of my fantasy books because I can`t help it:

  • Snow like Ashes
  • The Wrath and the Dawn
  • The Kiss of Deception
  • A thousand night
  • Carry on
  • Harry Potter the illustrated edition

These fantasy books I have mentioned are loved my many readers and I just want to read them! I want to read them to feel what people have felt and to learn to love these books. I have been waiting to read “The Wrath and the Dawn” and “A kiss of deception” for many months now, however I never had the time to buy them, but now since it is the holidays I hope I will get to read them- fingers crossed x.

In addition I also know that “The Wrath and the Dawn” and “A thousand nights” are based on a fairy-tale retelling of “A Thousand and One Nights”, so I want to read both of the books and compare them to see how alike they are to the original book.

Similarly I would like to read “Carry On” to see Rainbow Rowell`s take on the amazing “Harry Potter”. I am very curious on the illustrated edition of “Harry Potter” because it might change my perspective of the book, nevertheless I just want to see a different take on the beloved Harry Potter books.

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Top Ten Quotes I Loved From Books I Read This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the team over at The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks TTT is quotes that I love from the recent books I have read.

If you didn`t know me then you wouldn`t have known that I am quite a “quote” person. I adore quotes and I especially love those inspirational quotes that make me want to do more with my life and try exiting things. I even write quotes on my Christmas cards and give them to my friends. If you want to check more inspirational quotes or some book quotes then check out my tumblr.

The Quotes:

“The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it’s the small things that count.”
― Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places

“The thing I realize is, that it’s not what you take, it’s what you leave.”
― Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places

“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.” 

― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

“Don’t feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy.”
― Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses

“I’m a business man,” he’d told her. “No more, no less.”

“You’re a thief, Kaz.”
“Isn’t that what I just said?”
― Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

“Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.”

-Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”
—Veronica Roth, Divergent

“What if evil doesn’t really exist? What if evil is something dreamed up by man, and there is nothing to struggle against except our own limitations? The constant battle between our will, our desires, and our choices?”
—Libba Bray, Rebel Angels

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

This post is a little but late, but oh well #busylife.

I was nominated by ssjtimelordandherbooks who is amazing an you should check out her blog! Thank you for nominating me!!!

2015-09-05 16.52.49_edited

The rules:

  • Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

The Questions:

1. Do you speak any other languages? If not, which language would you like to learn?

No sadly I don`t speak any other languages fluently but if I could I would love to learn French because I think it`s such a beautiful language and it`s quite universal.

2. Name your favourite non-human character in a book.

Non-human, well, this is really obvious-it has to be Bilbo Baggins. I love The Hobbit so much and the films is what got me into this world originally, in addition I would also love to live in this world.

3. Apart from reading, what is your favourite hobby?

Does watching TV series count? I think it does. Yes I think you`ve realised that I`m a pretty lazy person, but other than sitting indoors all day I love to run because I love the way the wind just hits my face.

4. Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog to document my reading journey so that I don1t forget what I`ve read and my journey going through genre stages e.g. jumping from one genre to another.

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Top 5 Wednesday- Favourite Series Novellas

It`s Wednesday and this means it is another time of the week for a Top 5 Wednesday and this week`s is favourite series novellas. This weekly meme is created by gingerreadslainey and here is the goodreads group.

Good day,

Today I have successfully made a T5W post. Yay!

My number one for this meme is very obvious but I love it and you can`t so no to this book: The Assassin`s Blade by Sarah J. Maas. I read this book in September and I didn`t realise how heartbreaking this book was. The novellas in this book follows Celaena when she is 16 and her life before the salt mines. You might think that there isn`t any action in this book but you are surely wrong. The fast pace action makes you turn pages instantly and before you know it you`re at the end of the book. Maas is such a good author because it doesn`t matter if you haven`t read the series in a long while-you`ll still understand the plot.

Next we have Four by Veronica Roth. Surprisingly, if you didn`t know this, I don`t like the Divergent books, I prefer the films but I feel like many people are hating the Hunger Games and liking Divergent instead. When I first read Four I read it disliking the Divergent series, although when I found myself liking the book. I think the reason for this is because I don`t like Tris and I prefer Four over her. Four`s side of the story is much more better and (I know this is weird but) I like the way he thinks.

I haven`t read many novellas so to finish this post I want to list a few novellas that I want or are planning to read:

  • My true love gave to me by  Stephanie Perkins and other authors- I want to read this book because I think it will be the perfect Christmas read and I need to read some Christmas books since Christmas is coming. 
  • The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare- yes I haven`t read this book and the reason is because I`m quite apprehensive and I didn`t like Magnus, but I still need to read!

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