Top 5 Wednesday- Favourite Series Novellas

It`s Wednesday and this means it is another time of the week for a Top 5 Wednesday and this week`s is favourite series novellas. This weekly meme is created by gingerreadslainey and here is the goodreads group.

Good day,

Today I have successfully made a T5W post. Yay!

My number one for this meme is very obvious but I love it and you can`t so no to this book: The Assassin`s Blade by Sarah J. Maas. I read this book in September and I didn`t realise how heartbreaking this book was. The novellas in this book follows Celaena when she is 16 and her life before the salt mines. You might think that there isn`t any action in this book but you are surely wrong. The fast pace action makes you turn pages instantly and before you know it you`re at the end of the book. Maas is such a good author because it doesn`t matter if you haven`t read the series in a long while-you`ll still understand the plot.

Next we have Four by Veronica Roth. Surprisingly, if you didn`t know this, I don`t like the Divergent books, I prefer the films but I feel like many people are hating the Hunger Games and liking Divergent instead. When I first read Four I read it disliking the Divergent series, although when I found myself liking the book. I think the reason for this is because I don`t like Tris and I prefer Four over her. Four`s side of the story is much more better and (I know this is weird but) I like the way he thinks.

I haven`t read many novellas so to finish this post I want to list a few novellas that I want or are planning to read:

  • My true love gave to me by  Stephanie Perkins and other authors- I want to read this book because I think it will be the perfect Christmas read and I need to read some Christmas books since Christmas is coming. 
  • The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare- yes I haven`t read this book and the reason is because I`m quite apprehensive and I didn`t like Magnus, but I still need to read!

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