The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Review

Publisher: Puffin Classics

Format: Paperback (240 pages)

Source: Library copy


There are two gangs. One is called the Socs who are rich and have enough money but they spend their time jumping on the Greasers for fun. The eastside kids are called the Greasers and they are known for having long and greasy hair. Socs and Greasers have never gotten on and things have just been the way it is, until something unexpected happens that causes their life to drastically change…


I actually don`t know where to start with this review. I loved this book because of how real it is and the way it is a real eye opener. However, before I started this book I didn`t know what to expect but I knew that it was a well-loved book, so I wanted to try it. Picking up the book and slowly turning the first page I started the book. A few hours later I was deep into the book and I had to force myself to stop reading and sleep instead. A few days later I finished the book and I found myself rereading the book. I found myself loving the book.

One of the reason why I loved this book is because of the characters. The narrator is called Ponyboy and he is 14 year old. Hinton was only 17 when she wrote this book so her narration of Ponyboy is realistic. Ponyboy is the younger brother if two brothers called Darry and Sodapop. Since the gang Ponyboy is in is full of hard looking boys, we get an alternative from Ponyboy because he is just normal, and this is a good thing because as a reader we get to understand the book and the language that is used. Ponyboy is also quite innocent and he is never biased towards anyone particularly (further on in the book).

Although the character I found myself loving the best is Darry. He is only 20 and he has to take care of his family. I could relate to him because he has to be harsh on Ponyboy in order for him to have a good future. All the characters Hinton writes are very real and as a reader you will be able to relate to at least one of the characters.

From the first chapters you get introduced to the setting of the book and around the half-way mark you realise how serious the topic of this book it. Whilst the dramatic plot happens Ponyboy starts to understand how hard and the reality of his situation. This immediately makes the book a growing up book but it isn`t on purpose. The seriousness of the book makes you realise how easy your life is. The violence in the makes the reader think about the purpose of fighting-is there a purpose? Also family plays a key part in the book and as a reader you learn that family is more important than many things.

Since Hinton writes the book from a 14 year old the writing is simple so that it can be universal and everyone would be able to understand it. In addition I like how the writing was simple because it means that the writing won`t be a problem and you can focus on the plot.

Overall I loved this book and would recommend this book to everyone. I think that anyone would like this book. Even I don`t tend to read books in this genre and I loved this book.

I rate this book ★★★★★


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  1. ‘The Outsiders’ is one of my favourite books of all time. I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😊 great review!


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