A book lovers gift guide

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Are you still pondering on what to buy for the book-lovers that you love? Are you sitting with you laptop on scrolling on websites but you  still don`t know what to buy? Are you completely lost in space?

Never fear Franciska is here to help with all your present problems! (Imagine a girl zooming around in a supergirl costume.) I am here today with a post on what to get book lovers or presents to buy to treat yourself.

Now I am going to be completely honest and say that this post will be full of completely random items because it`s good to have a selection-right???

First of you need the right book to read at Christmas. Some Christmas books I could think of are:

  • My True love gave to me edited by Stephanie Perkins
  • Let it snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson
  • Dash and Lily book of dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
  • Harry Potter Illustrated edition by J.K Rowling because Christmas at Hogwarts is just the best!
  • Another thing you can get is special editions of books, for example like my 10th anniversary edition of Looking for Alaska, they are quite special and pretty.

Other bookish items:

  • Bookmarks–  as an avid reader myself I always need a bookmark to mark the page I am reading but I can never find any! I also hate bending the corners of my books, so a bookmark will always come in handy. You can get really pretty bookmarks with tassels or you can get magnetic ones like my Harry Potter ones.
  • Bookends– these will make your pile of books look organised straight away and you will always be able to find your books.
  • Bookmerch– These objects are so special because you can have what the characters in books have like Hermione`s time turner and Katniss` Mockingjay pin. They bring the books to life.

Random things:

  • Blankets because it is always cold in the winter (unless you live in countries like Australia)  and so you will need them to keep you warm whilst you read.
  • Cushions – you can get some cushions with little sweet book messages and I think theses are the best. They also add a little something different to your room.
  • Chocolate!!! When you are reading and you come across some bad news you need a little bit of chocolate to cheer you up! I also find myself a little peckish when I read and chocolate is one of the best treats.

That`s it for my Christmas and holiday gift guide. I hope you enjoy reading this post and it gave you a few ideas for presents if you are still stuck.

Have a great day and I will see you soon with another post.

Franciska xxx


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