Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin Review

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books (5 Nov. 2015)

Format: Paperback (400 pages)

Source: This book was sent to me


Its 1956 and Yael is on the ultimate mission to kill Hitler. Although she has to do it undercover and with her special ability she is able to do it and she has to become the Adele a participator of the world famous Axis tour. She has a limited amount of time to do so. She may know certain facts about Adele but what she doesn`t know is Adele’s personal life.


This is possibly the first historical fiction book I`ve read by choice and there is a reason for this- I don`t really like historical fiction books because there is hardly any action. So I thinking, a few weeks ago, about how diverse my choice of books are (it is not diverse at all), therefore I decided to pick up this book to broaden my horizons.

Going into the book the only thing I had in my mind was I wasn`t going to enjoy it because it was a fantasy book. Yes I actually did think this, a bit shallow, but I couldn`t help. However I was wrong, there was a lot of action in this book. Yael has to go through training to be able to become an agent and this means that she can fight. YES! Another strong female character! Yael has to go through a lot of action trying to be the first person in this motorbike race in order to come close to Hitler to do her mission.

The plot of this book is just based on Yael trying to win the race but there is also another element of her ability to change her face which she got by Nazi doctors experimenting on her. This ability makes her more vulnerable and it also makes the book more interesting. In addition there is the fact that Yael is pretending to be Adele so she doesn`t know everything about Adele. This means that she will have trouble coping and she has to pretending that she knows what Adele`s twin brother is talking about and what Luka is suggesting about last year.

However, I found it hard to get into the book because I just didn`t click with Yael and I didn`t understand why she made her choices. Also the relationships in this book was forced, maybe it was because Yael was just pretending and she obviously didn`t have any history with the other characters. I think that it was the writing that was the problem. The writing was plain and I felt like it didn`t fit with the genre of the book. It also meant that Yael`s voice wasn`t clear.

Overall I liked the plot and I found it unique. Some parts of the book was fast paced. I think that if you love historical fiction you would like this book. This book wasn`t just for me, but it could be for you.

I rate this book ★★



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  1. I really don’t like historical fiction very much.. But since this is based around Hitlers Reign I’m really interested now as I studied the Nazi/Hitlers reign for about two years in my history course… I must say this book does sound good and has now been snapped up on my TBR list!

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