Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan Review

Publisher: Puffin (6 Oct. 2015)

Format: Hardcover (512 pages)

Source: This book was sent to me


Two years ago Magnus lost his mother and now he is living ruff. His mother specifically told him not to trust his uncle Randolph but when his uncle suddenly starts looking for him Magnus knows something is wrong and he couldn`t help but confront his uncle.

By confronting his uncle Magnus founds out what has been hidden from him all along- he is the son of Frey.

His uncle then makes him find The Sword of Summer and Magnus then finds out his fate. Talking swords, immortal soldiers and a dangerous Wolf- how could this get worse?


Before getting into this review I need to confess that I haven`t read any books written by Riordan, although I have seen that two Percy Jackson films, so I thought it was time that I read one of his books and explore what other readers loved.

This book evolved around a teen named Magnus who finds out the part of him that has been kept from him. From first impressions I thought this was quite typical of a YA book. However as I got into the book the thought was gone because I was transfixed. Riordan knows how to create humour and he knows what a typical teen would be thinking. Every emotions Magnus and the other characters in this book has is very realistic and I found myself laughing in the middle of a long silence of reading. Therefore the characters in this book were very realistic and the choices Magnus made were the choices I would make.

However in some parts, because of Magnus` humour was a little too much, I felt this book was aimed at middle grade readers rather than Young Adult readers. The writing is just a simple the writing style that is aimed at younger readers and this means that younger readers won`t have a problem at gripping the language.

The main plot of this book is Magnus trying to befriend the Sword of Summer and trying stop Ragnarok (a war) whilst running errands and coming back from the dead with his new friends. The character Magnus is your typical teen who has a sense of sarcasm and the genuine excitement that hasn`t been lost from childhood. Many readers will be able to relate to Magnus because of the way Riordan portrays Magnus and the emotions Magnus has. The other characters in this book are also relatable to other readers.

Overall I enjoyed this book as it had a sense of adventure meanwhile there was serious hint at times that brought the reader back to reality. I recommend this book for fantasy lovers or for reader who want a book full of adventure.

I rate this book ★★★



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  1. I actually never knew this was a separate story from Percy Jackson haha, all Rick Riordan books got lumped into the same series in my brain. It sounds like a lot of fun and I hope to be checking out some of his books this year.

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