2016 Resolutions

Before I say anything, I would like to say Happy New Year!!!

Oh my gosh, 2015 has gone by so quick! I have many fond memories of 2015 and I have made many friends with you guys aka my book friends. However it`s the new year so this means that there are new goals to make and new aspirations to fulfill. 

Now I`m not much of a new resolutions person because every year I always start making new resolutions but I never remember to keep them or I just give up.

Although 2016 just feels like the year for change and new beginnings, so this is the reason why I have decided to make some new resolutions that I will hopefully succeed. Also making a post for 2016 resolutions makes the challenge seem for real and serious as I am documenting it and you guys can see whether I can keep them.

First of my blog:

  • I would love to keep being more active on my blog. During 2015 I have a slow time trying to get into blogging and someones I was just too busy with school work. Therefore in 2016 I would like to at least post once a week.
  • I would also want to post a variety of posts. I want to post discussions or tags or some lifestyle posts. The reason for this is because I feel like my blog is boring and not unique. There isn`t something on my blog that makes it standout. 
  • Moreover I just want to make my blog represent me. I want it to represent my reading life and my personality.
  • In addition I think I need to take more book photography because this might make it more unique and I feel as though it will just lighten my blog a bit more.
  • Speaking about posts I want to write more book reviews because I like reflecting on the books I have read and when I write reviews my opinion on the book and plot stays in my memory for a longer time. Also the more reviews I write the better I will get at writing them.


  • In the year of 2016 I would like to read 25 books. Yes I can all hear you, I know, you guys are probably saying, “25 books!? Franciska you read 53 books in 2015! 25 books is not ambitious enough!” Now now, the reason why I would like to read at least 25 books, which is half of the amount of books I read in 2015, is because this year I will be very busy with exams and school related things so I fear that I will not have enough time to do some pleasure reading. 25 books will be a more realistic goal than 50 books.
  • On the other hand I think that it is time for me to branch out and read different genres, adult fiction and classics. I have been reading YA for the last few years and I just think that I need to expand my horizons and be more ambitious with the books I am reading.
  • There are also some books that I would like to read in 2016 the link will be here.
  • I would also like to collect more pretty books and only buy books that I`m sure I will love because books cost a lot of money and we all know that money doesn`t grow on trees (I wish it did). 

For other book blogging related resolutions I would love to get the hang of twitter and to use it more. I have just recently started a twitter account and at the moment lets just say that I am quite clueless about using it. Using goodreads more frequently is another resolution, I just want to document my experiences when I read a book.

There, I think this is it for the resolutions. I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading.

Love Franciska xxx


4 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions

  1. what? your blog is anything but boring 🙂 but I’m excited about the new additions! can’t wait to see some discussions and lifestyle stuff. you’ll do great!

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  2. My reading goal for 2016 is 25 as well!! I also had a rough time getting into blogging and reading in 2015 because of school work; it’s definitely hard to juggle the both of them.
    I admire all your resolutions and can relate to a lot of them! Hopefully we can become book friends in the near future. Wonderful blog!!

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