Lobsters by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison Review

Publisher: Chicken House (5 Jun. 2014)

Format: Paperback (336 pages)

Source: Library copy


Sam and Hannah are in their last summer before university. They are both trying to do knew things before they leave. They are also trying to find their “lobster” whilst having the trouble of waiting for their A-level results.


I was in a big contemporary mood after reading some heavy fantasy books so I thought it would be time to read something light. I went into Lobsters quite blind so I did not know what to expect and what the story was about.

Due to going into the book with no knowledge of the book beforehand I thought this would be a good thing because it would mean that my hopes wouldn`t be high. However when I was half way into the book nothing exiting was happening and I felt quite let down. I thought there was going to be something significant about the book that would have pulled me right away, but there was not.

Sam and Hannah are typical 18 year olds who are worrying about their love life and are most likely feeling the pressure to get a girlfriend and boyfriend. In addition they also have their A level results day coming up and both of them are anxious about getting into the university they want.

One of the biggest let down for me is the characters. I couldn`t relate with any of the characters. The characters were just not real enough for me, I think the reason for this is because of the writing.

The writing was simple, too simple one could say. There were no developed descriptions and this meant that I couldn`t understand the reckless choices that characters were making. However I do understand that this book is a contemporary book so the writing shouldn`t be dense but only light. I just feel like if the writing was just a little more complex the characters would be more believable.

On the other hand I did enjoy some parts of the book. In some parts of the book I would find myself smiling or laughing. These were the moments when I could understand the plot and what was actually happening in the book.

Although another reason why I didn`t particularly enjoy the book is because of the character Stella. She is just one of the most annoying character you read in a book. I still don`t know why Hannah is friends with her. Stella is just a person who only thinks for herself and as a reader I feel no sympathy for her but only for Hannah. I feel sorry for Hannah because she has to put up with Stella and her meanness.

Overall at first I thought I was going to enjoy this book but when I actually got into the book I realised that this book wasn`t for me. I didn`t enjoy this book as I couldn`t understand why the characters made their decisions. However I do think that if you are looking for a light read that you can easily get into then this book could be for you.

I rate this book ★★