The Coffee Book Tag

First I would like to apologize for not posting frequently this week. The main and obvious reason for my absence is work and exams and lots and lots of studying! Therefore I  haven`t been reading as much as I would have liked to. However we must not dwell on the past (like a magnificent wizard said), so today I am coming back with a BANG or more realistic: a book tag!

The lovely Jess @onceuponabookreview13 kindly nominated me for the Coffee Book Tag so thank you!!! Also you should all go and check her blog out as it is lovely just like she it!


For this series I think it would have to be The Mortal Instruments series because I know many people who find the series very hard to get into but the end result it amazing! Although I personally found this series really easy to read at first but I find rereading this series really hard!


The book I mention here I cheekily copied from Jess` post only because it`s so obvious: Harry Potter! I think the reason why the Harry Potter books gets more popular during the winter season is because Christmas/ winter at Hogwarts is just the best!


I remember loving the Spiderwick Chronicles when I was little and at one point I believed that the book was actually real! Nowadays I`m more grown up (or I`d like to think my self as).


The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas! I love every book in this series and the books just keep on getting better! I cannot wait for the 5th book to be released this year!!!


At the moment I see The Martian, Room and Me before You a lot! I think the main reason for this is because  of the adaptations and we all know (as avid readers) that we should read the books before we watch the films, although I have yet to read any of these books.


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Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin Review

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books (5 Nov. 2015)

Format: Paperback (400 pages)

Source: This book was sent to me


Its 1956 and Yael is on the ultimate mission to kill Hitler. Although she has to do it undercover and with her special ability she is able to do it and she has to become the Adele a participator of the world famous Axis tour. She has a limited amount of time to do so. She may know certain facts about Adele but what she doesn`t know is Adele’s personal life.


This is possibly the first historical fiction book I`ve read by choice and there is a reason for this- I don`t really like historical fiction books because there is hardly any action. So I thinking, a few weeks ago, about how diverse my choice of books are (it is not diverse at all), therefore I decided to pick up this book to broaden my horizons.

Going into the book the only thing I had in my mind was I wasn`t going to enjoy it because it was a fantasy book. Yes I actually did think this, a bit shallow, but I couldn`t help. However I was wrong, there was a lot of action in this book. Yael has to go through training to be able to become an agent and this means that she can fight. YES! Another strong female character! Yael has to go through a lot of action trying to be the first person in this motorbike race in order to come close to Hitler to do her mission.

The plot of this book is just based on Yael trying to win the race but there is also another element of her ability to change her face which she got by Nazi doctors experimenting on her. This ability makes her more vulnerable and it also makes the book more interesting. In addition there is the fact that Yael is pretending to be Adele so she doesn`t know everything about Adele. This means that she will have trouble coping and she has to pretending that she knows what Adele`s twin brother is talking about and what Luka is suggesting about last year.Read More »

The pressure to read “popular books”

When I first got into blogging I would be reading reviews and monthly wrap ups where I would constantly see new published books being named and they would keep popping up. This then made me feel pressured to read the books that I had seen a lot and books that had a lot of hype. As a result, I wouldn`t read the books I originally want to read and my TBR pile would just pile up.

Overall I think this is a huge problem for me and many other readers because we all feel we should read books that everyone is talking about and we shouldn`t read underrated books. In a way this makes me sad because I feel like I am neglecting books that I would love if I gave them a chance. However I want to read the new books that have a lot of hype because I want to see what all the hype was about.

On the other hand this then contradicts that whole purpose of blogging- we need to spread the love of books and recommend books. Maybe this is just me, but I think that it is maybe time for me a shift away from only reading YA and read different genres that will enable me to see what I actually like in a book.Read More »

A reflection on my reading life

Hello readers,

I hope you are having a restful weekend that it full of reading!

Recently as a 2016 resolution I was thinking of embedding my life into my blog and so I have created this meme or monthly post where I will be taking about my reading life.

Therefore Reflection of My Reading Life is a new monthly post here on Life is Sweet in Books where I will be reflecting and telling you about what I have recently read and my reading experiences.

I hope you all will enjoy this post. I have decided to something like this rather than doing monthly wrap ups and TBRs (to be read) because I feel like those posts will restrict me to the content I add on my blog. I am just basically tying make my blog more about me and personalising it.

The books I have read recently are:

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.

I went into this book only knowing it was a historical fiction novel. Now I am not the biggest historical fiction fan and I never read these particular books because I don`t like history and I find it very boring. When I finished the book I didn`t like it and this was not a let down because I kind of knew I wouldn`t like the book in the first place. I don`t know why because there was a fantasy element to it but I think it is just me being very mean and picky.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I then chose to read a fantasy book because I wanted to be in my comfort zone and read a book that I knew I would enjoy. When I read a few pages I started to get really confused of the world the book was set in and I felt like all the characters where being introduced too quickly. However half-way through I finally got what was going on and the main plot of the book. I did enjoy this book mainly because of the characters and the way there were many POVs (point of views). The POVs made the book more interesting and I got to find out the background of the characters and what they are like.

Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

This was the first Rick Riordan book that I had read so I came into this book with high expectations and I was not disappointed. I think the main reason why I enjoyed this book was because of how realistic the characters where and so I would be able to connect to some of them. I will definitely be reading more books by Riordan in the future and here is my review. Read More »

T5W| Biggest Badasses

It`s Wednesday and this means that it is time for another Top Five Wednesday and today I will be telling my top 5 badass characters.   This weekly meme is created by gingerreadslainey and here is the goodreads group.

2015-09-19 12.06.19

I think one the most obvious characters I could mention is Celaena Sardothien from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas! She is just one of the most powerful women you could ever come across in a YA book and she will do anything to get what she wants.


Next is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. Even though Hermione is very clever and she values her education, she will do anything to make things right and defeat evil. She will even try to stop her friends from doing something bad and you will need a lot of courage to do that!

However Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy knows exactly what she needs to do in order to get justice and look after her family. She shows true skills of being a loving sister whilst fighting a life changing rebellion. Read More »