A reflection on my reading life

Hello readers,

I hope you are having a restful weekend that it full of reading!

Recently as a 2016 resolution I was thinking of embedding my life into my blog and so I have created this meme or monthly post where I will be taking about my reading life.

Therefore Reflection of My Reading Life is a new monthly post here on Life is Sweet in Books where I will be reflecting and telling you about what I have recently read and my reading experiences.

I hope you all will enjoy this post. I have decided to something like this rather than doing monthly wrap ups and TBRs (to be read) because I feel like those posts will restrict me to the content I add on my blog. I am just basically tying make my blog more about me and personalising it.

The books I have read recently are:

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.

I went into this book only knowing it was a historical fiction novel. Now I am not the biggest historical fiction fan and I never read these particular books because I don`t like history and I find it very boring. When I finished the book I didn`t like it and this was not a let down because I kind of knew I wouldn`t like the book in the first place. I don`t know why because there was a fantasy element to it but I think it is just me being very mean and picky.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I then chose to read a fantasy book because I wanted to be in my comfort zone and read a book that I knew I would enjoy. When I read a few pages I started to get really confused of the world the book was set in and I felt like all the characters where being introduced too quickly. However half-way through I finally got what was going on and the main plot of the book. I did enjoy this book mainly because of the characters and the way there were many POVs (point of views). The POVs made the book more interesting and I got to find out the background of the characters and what they are like.

Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

This was the first Rick Riordan book that I had read so I came into this book with high expectations and I was not disappointed. I think the main reason why I enjoyed this book was because of how realistic the characters where and so I would be able to connect to some of them. I will definitely be reading more books by Riordan in the future and here is my review. 

Reflection time:

Recently I have been feeling that the books I am reading are not challenging me and they are not my type of read. I don`t know why but I think this is because I am getting quite bored of only reading YA since most of the plot and story line is the same and the books are quite predictable.

Therefore I think it may be the time for me to reach out and read more challenging books that will actually take an effort to read or read books that I know I will like, because if I don`t I think I may suffer with a reading slump and I`m sure all of you readers know that this isn`t the great thing.

In addition I have been finding it hard to manage my time to read because of the work load I have. This means that I haven`t been reading much and so I have been finding it really hard to get into books and enjoy reading for pleasure.

I hope February will be a better reading month. I also hope I will be able to read some amazing books that I can gush about and most importantly I hope you will have a lovely reading month!!!

Love Franciska xxx

(I also hope you enjoyed this post!)


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