A Reflection of My Reading Life

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great week! Today I thought it was time to do another Reflection on My Reading Life because I said I would do one of this post one a month and it is now March.

A Reflection of My Reading Life is a new monthly post here on Life is Sweet in Books where I will be reflecting and telling you about what I have recently read and my reading experiences.



The books I have read recently are:

The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury

I had been waiting a whole year for this book to come out because I really enjoyed the first book and I was intrigued to see where the story would go and what would happen to the main characters. I had recently posted a review for this book so if you want to read more about this book and my feelings the check my review here.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 

Last year I tried to read this book because I heard that it is many people`s favourite book! However when I read it I couldn`t get into the book so I returned it to the library. Although I decided to read the book again because I really hate reading a book and not finishing it, but I don`t mind not finishing a book that I didn`t like. Overall the book was okay, I couldn`t really relate to any of the characters and I found some parts of the book quite unnecessary. I was expecting to love this book more due to the hype.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

This book was one of the books to look out for this year and I can tell you it didn`t disappoint. I`m sure you all know that I didn`t particularly the first book so I was skeptical when I started this book. I think one of the things I most enjoy about this book is the plot twists and the political and the fact that there was tension throughout the book. You can read my here.

Prodigy by Marie Lu

I have just finished this book today and I feel quite confused because of the ending. In short this book is really fast paced and it`s kind of like The Hunger Games because it is very political. I didn`t enjoy Day`s perspective because I couldn`t relate to him and he didn`t feel like a real person. Although I did enjoy reading June`s perspective because she is a strong female character and she just inspires you to do more for your own good. I will be writing a review for this book so keep a look out for it.

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The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling

I needed a quick read so I decided to read one of the tales from the book. When I read it the book took me back into the Wizarding Of Harry Potter and it`s very strange how one little chapter can bring you back all the memories of the books and the films. I look forward to read the other tales. The book cover is also very pretty!

Reflection time:

In the last few weeks I`ve found that all the books I`ve been reading I have enjoyed but there hasn`t been a book that I love. I haven`t given any of the books a five star rating on goodreads and this makes me question: what makes a book good?

I have also realised that most of the dystopian books out there are very similar and they follow the same plot, therefore I think it might be time for me to move away from YA dystopian because I need to read something new and fresh. However I do think I might read the last book in the Legend series because I always feel obliged to complete a series.

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I would like to read (soon) Allegiant by Veronica Roth for the obvious reason that the film has just come out! In addition The Bone Season has been on my shelf for the longest time and I just need to read it! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you will encounter books you will love.

Love Franciska xxx.




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  1. It’s unfortunate that you haven’t read any 5-star books recently. Are you currently in reading slump, would you say? Or not quite there yet?

    I also haven’t many 5-star books recently, but I have read many that came very close and tons of 4-star books so I’m a happy reader overall.

    I don’t have many recommendations in the YA genre, but I can recommend lots of adult fiction and sci-fi/fantasy if you’re open to them. :]

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