Prodigy by Marie Lu Review

Publisher: Penguin (29 Jan. 2013)

Format: Paperback (368 pages)

Source: Library copy


June and Day have just escaped from the republic and they are now on the run. June is reported to be missing however she knows that the republic is only reporting her as missing to cover up that they want her dead. Along with Day they both join as rebellious group and they are given an impossible task.


It has been a while since I`ve read Legend (the first book) but when I saw this book in the library I thought that I need to finish this trilogy since I already had started it. I unfortunately had forgotten what had happened in the first book, but I was determined to finish it!

One of the reason why I was so determined to read this book is because of the characters. I loved June so much in the first book and so I wanted to read more about her and understand her. She is also quite inspirational (I would say) because she is the Republic`s darling. Although I loved the way how she felt so real and it was as if she was one of my friend because I understood why she made her decisions and I understood her as a person. You also get to see different sides of her and I would completely trust her with my life if I was in the same position.

However I didn`t enjoy reading Days perspective at first. He thoughts were very annoying and they weren`t really valid and in a way reading the story from his perspective wasn`t interesting. It took a long time for me to fall for Day and for his life. In the end I grew to like Day.

For some reason when I read this book I felt a very Hunger- Games-esque feeling and this isn`t a problem because I love the Hunger Games but I just couldn`t help but compare the setting of this book to the setting of the Hunger Games. The plot is also a bit similar but Prodigy has more of a clandestine mission and characters being slightly arcane. 

The writing of this book was very simple and easy to read and I didn`t have any trouble with it. The book was very fast paced, this kept me constantly of the edge of my seat and I could not put it down!

Overall I found this book a very enjoyable read and I would recommend it if you love action packed and dystopian books. You will constantly be turning the page!

I rate this book ★★★


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  1. I need to finish this trilogy as well! I’ve borrowed it from a friend the other week and so far have only read the first one. I found the Legend a bit geared towards a younger crowd and it didn’t really grab me the way I’d hoped it would. Comparing Prodigy to Hunger Games is a bit of a let down to me cause so so so many dystopias have that vibe it just gets kind of tired after a while. I’m glad you had a great time reading this!! 🙂

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