Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare Spoiler Review

Publisher: Simone and Schuster (8 Mar. 2016)

Format: Paperback (688 pages)

Source: Library copy


It`s been five years since the Dark War and Emma`s parents’ death. The Clave told her that Sebastian Morgenstern killed her parents but Emma believes someone else did and she is going to find out. However, as she gets closer to the truth, she finds herself in a difficult situation with her parabatai. No matter what parabatai must not fall in love: “the Law is hard, but it is the Law”.

*Warning* Before I get into this review any further I would like to remind you that this is a spoiler review so if you haven`t read the book or you don`t want to get spoiled then stop reading. Here is a link to my spoiler free review and part one.

Since finishing reading Lady Midnight I have been in a little reading slump so I think writing another review will get this pain and heart break of my chest. In many ways Lady Midnight was an amazing book that left me staying up until 11am! No book has made me stay up that late and I think this is a great achievement, this is because I have been reading YA fiction for a long time now so I can spot the cliches, but Lady Midnight kept me reading through these parts.

On a more critical note, there were some parts that made me cringe , for example, when Emma asked Julian if she could stay with him and she explained what staying meant: “Stay and chase the bad dreams away”. This was a little too much for me and I felt like I couldn`t connect with the characters at this point because I wouldn`t say this to my supposed parabatai.

Although there were many parts that made my heart warm, like when Julian was making pancakes for his siblings. This made me realise how much Julian had to sacrifice and how strong he is, he had to go through the death of his father and he as to look after his siblings and run the institute! I felt so much sympathy for him and this was when I feel in love with his character.

However that was ruined when Julian told Emma he didn`t want to be parabatai! Oh come on Julian! You`re lying!! You love Emma and the reason why you can`t be with her is because you`re her parabatai! Another part that broke my heart was when Emma took the whipping for Julian and Mark. She did it out of love and this make my heart wrench. Clare definitely knows how to break her readers heart because when we found out why parabatai can`t fall in love it destroyed me. I was lost for words. The ultimate heart breaking moment was when Emma decided to pretend to like Mark so that Julian wouldn`t get hurt and Mark said “Why lie”! It isn`t meant to be Mark and Emma! It`s meant to be Emma and Julian and I hope in the future books they`re able to be together!

On the other hand the plot was very unexpected because I would have never predicted Malcolm to be the guardian. This came as a shock and I couldn`t believe. Clare has a way of manipulating words and I don`t think anyone would have predicted it and they said they did, they`re lying.

Since Lady Midnight was such a whirl wind I am expecting more from the next book. I would love to know more about the Blackthorn family because they add a sense of family and makes the book relatable.  They are also really funny and I think reading the book from their point of view will be exiting.

I now think I can finally rate this book, so I rate this book ★★★★★