The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen Review

Publisher: Bantam Press (16 July 2015)

Format: Hardcover (528 pages)

Source: Library copy 


The Red Queen is coming and Kelsea has to think of a plan quick to save the Tearling. However Kelsea keeps on going into a trace to the time before the Tearling, during the time of the Crossing, and she might find that someone who lived in the past may be the solution to stopping the Red Queen. Whatever she has to do, she has to do it fast because the Mort army is coming and everyone is depending on her.


The Invasion of the Tearling is the second book in the Queen of the Tearling series and so I (obviously) had high expectations for this book because the first book is one of my favourite books. In this book we continue Kelsea`s journey on being queen of the Tearling and as hard as it may sound, there are greater threats like the Mort army who will do anything their Queen tells them to.

When I first started reading the book I was immediately thrown into the world. This was something I liked because most of the time the second book in a series normally starts with a summary of what happened in the first book. Johansen went to business immediately.

One of the things I forgot about the first book was the writing style and the pace of the book. The book is quite slow paced because there is a lot of world building. At times I found this quite unnecessary because I just wanted to “action” to happen, although as I got into the book I started to appreciate the slow pace, you could say it was quite refreshing. I enjoyed Johnasen`s writing style because I felt it fitted the book and it was easy to read, it also fitted the fantasy theme. In addition this book is written in the third person and there are a lot of points of views. This expanded my reading experience as I was able to read the plot from different points and I was able to understand the different characters.

Moreover in this book you see Kelsea grow from a girl to a young strong woman. Our protagonist Kelsea is such a strong woman and this makes you want to be like her: make our own choices and to not be put down by other people`s opinions (as you can probably tell, I love having a strong female character). I think the most prominent part of the character was when at the end when Kelsea made the choice of sacrifice, it truly showed that she was a leader, but it also showed she had a heart. I think many readers would be able to relate to her and find her inspiring.

The themes of this book mainly laid in the “there is evil Queen coming and we need to prepare for this disaster” theme. However there are other themes such as growing up, in this novel there is a lot on finding out about Kelsea ancestry and what role her mother played-there is also a bit on who her father is. I liked it how there is only a tiny bit on romance in the book, this is mainly because I think a major theme of romance would just divert the reader away from the main plot.

Speaking about plots, this book probably has one of the most intriguing plot. Since a good part of this book is about Kelsea and her trances, you can`t help but ask what these trances has to do about stopping the Red Queen. However, as usual, everything is there for a reason and you get to learn about how Tearling came to do because in the first book the setting of the world was confusing. I really enjoyed the plot of the book, although I can`t really tell you about it, otherwise I`ll spoil the book, but the ending was just so clever!

Overall I really enjoyed this fantasy Queen read, it was a statisfying read and now I can`t wait for the second book because that cliff hanger has left me wanting for more!

I rate this book ★★★★★