Books I want to read during Summer 2016


I know it`s already a few weeks into summer, but I desperately wanted to make this post, as it might encourage me to actually read the books. 

Summer is a season where there is no school and many people will be holdiay, this means that I will have a lot of time to read. However, sadly, I won`t be reading on the beach aka the ideal place to read during the summer. Although this doesn`t mean I won`l be out in the sun- I definitely have to get that vitamin D. 🙂 

The books:

Image-1 (4)

First of I want to finish reading the Percy Jackson series, because I have been enjoying them so far and I can`t believe I have been putting off reading it. I wished I read it when I was younger because it is a series that I know I would have enjoyed, but alas! We can`t turn back time, therefore I want to read it asap. I am also loving Camp HalfBlood and it`s a place that is on my fictional to visit places!


I would also love to continue reading Morgan Matson`s books. I read The Unexpected Everything this year and I loved it! Summer is just the time for contemporary books and so I hope to read as much as I can. I`m also quite interested in her other books because the premise sound very intriguing, and I love that her books are quite long because there will be a lot to love (I hope)!

In addition I want to continue my series goal for this year! Earlier this year I made a post about the series I want to read and on the list is the Grisha trilogy. I  know that everyone enjoys this series and I hope I will love it like the other readers. Moreover I might want a break from the contemporary books and I might want to read a classic fantasy aka my favourite genre.

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I also want to read Clariel by Garth Nix because I have owned this book for a while now and I think it`s time to read it, don`t you? From what I know, this book is a prequel to the Abhorsen series. I haven`t read the Abhorsen trilogy yet but I know that it`s fine if I just read Clariel by itself. The cover looks like one of my typical YA fantasy books, so I might enjoy it.

Those are the book I want to get to in the summer. I know it`s not a lot of books, but I have this thing with setting goals, sometimes when I set reading goals I tend to avoid the books that I want to read and I might get into a little reading slump. Therefore the less books I set on the TRB (to be read) the better. I don`t know if that makes sense, but less hope it does. 😀 

I hope you all have a great summer and what books are you planning to read this summer?