A Reflection on my Reading and Life…

It`s quite scary how this month is now July, to me it still feels like March. Another month means it`s time for another reflection post.

A Reflection on my Reading life is a monthly (ish) theme here on Life is Sweet in Books where I talk about the books I have read and my life. I thought this would be a better post to make than a wrap up post because it is less restricted and it allows me to be more original.

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Percy Jackson series

From my last post, I have successfully completed the Percy Jackson series! Like any other book lover out there, I can tell you that I love this series and it has become one of my top favourite series out there! I love the adventure that Percy has and the family aspect that Rich Riordan embeds in the books. I am also a huge lover of Greek Mythology.

Sophie Someone by Hayley Long

This book was a little out of my comfort zone because I don`t really tend to read books that evolve around a girl trying to find out her heritage and where she actually comes from. However I was determined to read a different book in order to widen my reading experience. I quite enjoyed this book as it was very emotional and the secret language in this book was an unique experience.

The Loneliness of Distant Beings

I picked up this book mainly because of the cover and the romance aspect. However I was very disappointed when I read this book. This is because this book mainly consists of the type YA instant love.I feel like this book is a great example of a YA book, so if you are new to YA or you know someone who wants to venture on the YA trend, then is book will give you the YA experience. Although as an “experience” YA reader, I don`t think this book will be for those who are looking for something new.

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Since You`ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

I was in a contemporary mood so I decided to pick up the famous Since You`ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. This book didn`t disappoint and I feel like Matson is one of those authors who can capture the teenage mind, therefore I had the chance to understand and to relate to some of the characters.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling

Continuing on reading this series I decided to read this book and I was quite intimidated my its size. I know that the Order of the Phoenix is practically the size of the Bible, but one of the main reason why I didn`t finish this series when I was younger is because of the size of this book. However a large book means that there is a lot to love (or so it normally means this) and in this case I got to actually what happened in the book that weren`t portrayed in the film. As any Potterhead out there- I loved this book!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

If you have been with me for a long time, you would know that I started to read this book last year. However I had a bit of trouble with the  language and getting into the book, so I left it for a bit. Then in July I decided to finally finish this book of because I really hate not finishing this book. Surprisingly the second time through I didn`t have any major problems with language and I quite enjoyed this book.  I also love how Elizabeth is a head strong character because we need more strong female characters in literature.

Reflection time

June had to be one of my most stressful month, due to many exams, and so I haven`t read as much as I want to. I, however, did complete my goodreads challenge of 25 books! Now I know you`re think that my reading goal is low, I normally read about 50 books a year, but I just didn`t want to disappoint myself and I knew that I would have a lot of exams this year so I wanted to be prepared.

I`d also liked to mentioned that I read a classic! I`ve just finished Pride and Prejudice, when writing this, and I am very proud of myself!  I have also become more open with books, with the example of Sophie Someone, and I hope to read more diverse books and more classics in the future.

Thank you for reading and I hope you also had a great reading month!


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  1. I read Since You’ve Been Gone this month too and I loved it also!!! Definitely going to read Morgan Matson’s other books. You’ve mentioned before that The Unexpected Everything was good, so I’m excited for that one!!

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