Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan Review

Publisher: Penguin Group (Aug 2013)

Format: Paperback (342 pages)

Source: Brought


This time the stakes are higher. Percy, who is the son of Poseidon, now has to watch his back everywhere he goes because Kronos is rising.  Although there is a minor problem that is a little bit closer to home- Luke is planning to invade Camp Blood by using a Labyrinth. It is now Percy and his companions` job to find a way to stop Luke and his evil team.


This book was a thrilling read that kept me caught the whole way though. I had enjoyed the entire book so far in this series and I couldn`t wait to read this book.

I really enjoyed the narrative of Percy in this series. For some reason Riordan present Percy in a way that makes me immediately like him. Normally I would be able to understand the male point of view, however with Percy I was able to understand him. Additionally it could also be due the humour of Percy. Percy has a universal humour that makes him very accessible and so I was able to enjoy his character.

Although, in this book I didn`t enjoy Annabeth`s character. Before one of my favourite characters was Annabeth because she was strong, clever and very inspirational. However in this book she wasn`t very open and I know it was because she upset, but to me she seemed very angsty. I also thought Percy and Annabeth` relationship would improve, but I was a little disappointed.

On the other hand I loved the maze aspect of the book! I love mazes, although I don`t actually going in mazes myself, however the maze in this book added an unexpected part to the book. It was the maze part that made very sit on the edge of my book because I wanted to know what would happen to the characters. I also realised that Riordan has a way of making you imagine the setting of the book and the imagery in this book was very powerful.

Furthermore Riordan`s writing was simple, because the book is aimed at children, but this made it accessible for a variety of people. This meant that I didn`t have any trouble getting in this book. In hindsight I realised that every intricate part of the book played a vital role in the overall plot, I thought this was a very clever device Riordan used. Some of the themes in this book plays a vital role in a 14 year old`s life, for example, growing up and finding out more about yourself. Therefore in a way I feel like this book was also like a life lesson.

To conclude this has to be one of my favourite Percy Jackson book so far because the plot was gripping and it left me wanting for more. I hope to enjoy the last book in this series, although I don`t want to read it soon because I just want to save this breathtaking series.

I rate this book ★★★★

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    • Thank you!! You`re so sweet! You should start the Percy Jackson series soon as they`re not at all to read and I found them very enjoyable during exam season. I also followed you back! 😀


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