Kook by Chris Vick Review

Publisher: Harper Collins (7 April 2016)

Format: Paperback (400 pages)

Format: Brought


Sam has just moved back to where his father grew up and he met Jade. Jade is a girl who seems to be reckless and daring and some who loves to surf. Both of them meet and a relationship evolves from there.


Now I don`t really have any negative reviews on this blog and the main reason for this is I don`t want to be negative and offend people. However sometimes it’s good to be out of your own comfort zone, therefore I thought I`d right up a review about Kook.

One of the main aspects that made me dislike the book was the characters. I couldn`t connect with any of the characters and I found them really hard to relate with. For some reason I found it really hard to understand the male point of view of Sam and this didn`t add anything positive to my reading experience. I think that if I could connect with the characters I would have enjoyed and understood the plot a lot more.

In addition I felt Sam`s crush with Jade was a crush at all, but it was more like obsession. This made the book very cringe worthy to read and it ruined my reading experience. Sam had this thing of always noticing what Jade was doing and for me it was too much. I don`t think normal teenage boys stare at someone they like for 24 hours upon end. To improve this book I would have liked to read from Jade`s point of view, because it could give a different perspective to Sam`s crush.

The writing of the book was fairly average so I could read this book without any problems to do with writing, although the plot was quite unclear. From what I understood from the blurb I know that Sam and Jade was to ride a wave that no one has ever ridden. However when I was reading the book this didn`t happen until the end and I found this quite disappointing. This is because I felt like the book dragged on and the element of family was added on to lengthen the book.

On the other hand the plot twist at the end of the book was much unexpected and this was the moment that caught me. Again this was disappointing because I had to force myself to continue to read the book, if the plot twist was in the middle of the book I would have been more intrigued.

Overall I didn`t enjoy this book and it wasn`t for me. There are many parts of the book that needs improving to make the book more enjoyable; however I know that some people may enjoy it, so maybe it’s worth a read?

I rate this book ★