Top Ten TV Shows That I Love

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Today we have a Top Ten Tuesday post and this has to be one of my favourite ones to do because it`s all about TV shows! When I`m not reading I`m usually seen watching TV shows and there are a few shows which I am obsessed with, therefore I thought it would be fitting to do this post.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

The first TV show I have is the Flash. I love this show sooo much because of the positive vibe that it gives. Normally TV shows tend to be quite dark and serious, but the Flash has this warm tone that makes me want to keep watching. I cannot wait for the next season to come out because the last season left on a cliff hanger!!!

Along the lines of the DC world I am also loving the show Supergirl! This is also a happy and upbeat show and it just leaves me in a happy mood. This is good thing because I tend to watch TV shows to de-stress from the busy school life. I also love the wardrobe in Supergirl!

The next show is Teen Wolf. I decided to watch this show because all my friends where watching it. I did find the first few episode quite boring and this lead me to stop watching the show. Although a few months ago I went back to finish the first season and from there I am now hooked! This show is so addicted and this may be because every episode ends on a cliff hanger, but I don`t care because this show is my whole life. I love all the characters and everything about this show is perfect: there is a fantastic plot line and the characters are very diverse.

The final show that I am going to mention in the Shannare Chronicles. This show is one of my type of show because its set in a fantasy-like setting and it reminds me of my favourite fantasy books. The TV show is based on the book series, although sadly I haven`t read the books, but I do intend to read them in the future. If you love fantasy book I`m sure you`ll love this show. Similarly I can`t wait for the next season.

Some notable mentions are Dr Who and Sherlock which I watch every year when the new episodes come out. I also love watching the Dr Who Christmas specials! 

I know I only mentioned a few TV shows, this is because I`m quite “new” to watching TV shows, and so I have left some space you to recommend some TV show. If you have a favourite TV show please tell me as I would love to know.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Shows That I Love

  1. OMG! I love watching The Flash and Supergirl! I can’t wait for their season premieres! Do you watch Legends of Tomorrow or Arrow? They’re really great, too! 🙂 I hope there will be more crossovers between these DC shows this year! Great list, btw! I’m really excited for season 4 of Sherlock as well. 😉

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      • It is pretty dark compared to the rest of the DC shows. I guess I just had to watch it after I started watching The Flash to see if anyone else’s story was mentioned there. 😉 Hooray for crossovers! And you’re welcome! At least I know one more person looking forward to Supergirl and The Flash! 🙂

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  2. I actually got a dvd of Supergirl, thinking it was a movie. The shop was poorly labeled, and so I was surprised when I found out it was a series. 🙂 LOL. 😀

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