Review Policy

If you are a publisher/author/company then keep reading.

I am currently accepting books in exchange for a honest review.

I accept YA books and classics (I will probably accept new adult and adult in the future). I will accept arcs (advance reader`s copies) and finished copies of books but not e-copies.

The genres I do accept are:

  • fantasy
  • dystopian
  • apocalyptic
  • contemporary
  • coming of age
  • mystery
  • and those in the similar genres.

do not accept autobiographical, middle grade, historical fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction and erotica (also at the moment new adult and adult).

All the book request will need to have a book summary the reason why I should review it and why I would enjoy the book.

The reviews will be published on here and my other blog .

My reviews will be entirely honest and nothing will keep it from being honest. If I however can`t continue reading the book or I feel I can`t write a review then I will notify you.

If you are interested then please contact (this email is for business email only). Also if you have any questions then feel free to email me.

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