Pretty book covers

Good morning/evening fellow readers,

Today I`m going to do another post in my bookish- tea- time  categories where everything that doesn`t have a categories here on book blogging world is placed. Now for today`s post I am going to be talking about the prettiest book covers that I`e seen.

Now I know we shouldn`t judge a book by it`s cover, but sometimes we can`t just help it. So toady I decided to write a post on book covers that are worth gushing over.

A big thing for me when choosing a book to read it the cover. The reason for this is because if the cover reflects the book and so if the book has a cheesy cover it`ll make me not want to read it. Sometimes I don`t like book covers having people because it could represent the context of when the book was published and I always find myself flicking back to the front cover to see if there is resemblance to the character on the cover and the description of the book.

A thousand pieces of you- I personally haven`t read this book because I haven`t found the time. Get it??? This book is about time travel and speaking of which I love Dr Who at the moment. Anyway the cover is just gorgeous! The way there us two worlds and they`re opposite each other and the colours! It`s so pretty and I love the white font because it matches with the plane white background.

Shatter me– This is an absolute no brainier. Everyone loves the covers of this series.It may be an eye but the eye lashes are trees! The colour combination, in addition, makes me want to read this book book so badly. Again I haven`t read this book and I feel like I`m missing out on so much action and another world I think I`ll love.

I capture the castle– now this book I have actually read and love! This is a classic that everyone should read, It`s a bit of a bitter sweet story but I just love it. This cover is my favourite one that I`ve seen so far because it has the family and what they would actually be doing like in the book. The cover is just so pretty. ❤Read More »

T5W- Banned books I`ve read

It`s Wednesday and this means it is another time of the week for a Top 5 Wednesday and this week`s is banned books I`ve read. This weekly meme is created by gingerreadslainey and here is the goodreads group.

Before Joining the book blogging community on WordPress I never thought that books would be banned and I`ve never heard of a banned book. This shocked me because books can`t be banned not matter what. They`re my soul and heart put together and without them I don`t where I would be toady. Anyway surprisingly when I looked at the list of banned books I realised that I have actually read some. Lets get to the books…

1. Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck

Now I had to actually read this for school as part of an English course and before I went into it I thought it would be one of those hard classics that are boring. However when I got into the book I found it was quite easy to read and I know that many people didn`t like the ending and it caused a few tears, but for me I didn`t really feel anything. Although it is a good book and many people should read it.

2. The Giver, by Lois Lowry

Now I really liked this book because it was a different dystopian book to those I have read.I found the society the book was set in was really interesting, I also didn`t have any difficulties when reading the book. I really recommend this book to book lovers who love dystopian and are looking for a another read.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

Many people love this book because of the themes of the book and the way certain things are portrayed in the book. However I read this book for my own pleasure reading, so I didn`t studied it and bled the book dry to analyse the language, but I still enjoyed it. This book is actually one I need to read again so that I can understand the law part of the book and the real meaning.

4. Harry Potter (series), by J.K. RowlingRead More »

My thoughts on re-reading books

Good morning/evening fellow readers,

Today I`m going to do another post in my bookish- tea- time category where everything that doesn`t have a categories here on book blogging world is placed. Now for today`s post I am going to be talking about re-reading books.

I don`t know about you but I used to have this thing about re-reading books where I just couldn`t do it. The reason may be because I already know the plot and so the element of surprise isn`t there. However when I talking to someone about watching a film over and over again, the person said that it`s good to watch films again because you see some things that you may have missed the first time. Then it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I should read books more than once so that I would get the best out of the book.

2015-09-26 15.37.02_edited

Taking it back to earlier this year I first read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, which is one of my favourite book, and a few months after reading it for the first time I read again. The second time round I didn`t have any troubles reading it, and although I knew the plot, it didn`t bother me and I loved the book the second time around just like the first. If you`re wondering, yes I did cry- it`s so heart wrenching.

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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words

So today I decided to participate in my very first book meme because why not? I also found weekly book memes are really fun to read and possibly fun to blog??? I have no idea but we shall see. Anyway this meme today consists of answering three WWW questions:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you`ll read next?

Now lets answer them…

  • I am currently reading Crown of Midnight by Sara J. Maas, which is the second book in the Throne Of Glass series, I am in the middle of the book at the moment and lets say that I am quite heart broken at the moment because a relationship has been ruined. Nevertheless I really want to finish it quick so I know what happens, the patience of being a bookworm is surreal. 😦
  • Speaking about Crown of Midnight and I recently read Throne of Glass and decided to marathon the three currently published books so that the world stays in my head and so I will get the most out of the books. I actually reread Throne of Glass in order to read the second book because I couldn`t remember the little details.

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My favourite genre of all time

2015-08-09 17.03.29

I love books and reading if you didn`t know (I`m very sure you do know this). Reading has been a huge part of my life so far and so in this post I will be talking about books, again. 🙂 With in a book there are words which you read, but with in the words there is a certain type or style of story that lasts throughout the book, this is my little definition of a genre.

Everyone is different so we all have different genres we prefer and there are many to choose from, for example: contemporary, horror, thriller, dystopian, fantasy and many more. However throughout my reading life I have always one type of genre that I love and it has stuck with me for many years and hopefully for more. This phenomenal genre is fantasy.

Fantasy is the genre where the impossible is possible and everything you imagine actually comes true. This has always created a spark in me because sometimes reality is a little bit boring and I need to escape into a whole different world and the key to escaping reality is a fantasy book. What I also love about fantasy books is that you are immediately thrown into the world whilst being introduced at the same time. The book that started my love for fantasy is The Chronicles of Narnia, this is a extraordinary series I read when I was a child and it has still stuck with me.

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