2016 Adaptations to look forward to


I wanted to do another 2016 post today because I feel like this is one of the important ones- book to movie adaptations. If you did not know, I love watching films and I especially love book-to-movie adaptations! Some of my favourite films are actually books that have been turned to films like Mockingjay Part 2 and The Hobbit.

Therefore I thought I do little, you know, a sneaky post to see what films there to look out for (please be aware that this is  not all of the book-to-movie adaptations that come out this year, I only chose the ones that I am personally interested in)

Currently in cinema is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. This book/film follows a girl named Cassie where in her world the human race is invaded by aliens. She has to find her brother who had been taken and she encounters a few people on the way. I really loved this book so I cannot wait to see the film and see if it lives up to the book.

In February Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes out. This is an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with a zombie take on it. When I first heard about this film I thought it was quite funny because, you know, zombies in a Jane Austen book! I haven`t read this book so I`m not sure whether I will watch the film.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth comes out in February. This is the last book in the Divergent trilogy, although I`m not sure why they split the book into two for the films. I saw the trailer and I`m not that impressed with it because it doesn`t really look like the book.

Then Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass comes out. I really enjoyed the first adaptation and this one looks equally as good. I also need to read the book before I see the film!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes comes out at some point in 2016. I haven`t read the book but I am looking forward to reading it because I know that it is loved by many people and the sequel recently came out. 

I was really surprised to hear that the BFG by Roald Dahl was adapted in to a film! I can`t remember if I have read the book before because I know that I`ve read many of Roald Dahl`s works, Matilda being my favourite. Nevertheless I think that this film will be a great one for the family.Read More »

Lobsters by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison Review

Publisher: Chicken House (5 Jun. 2014)

Format: Paperback (336 pages)

Source: Library copy


Sam and Hannah are in their last summer before university. They are both trying to do knew things before they leave. They are also trying to find their “lobster” whilst having the trouble of waiting for their A-level results.


I was in a big contemporary mood after reading some heavy fantasy books so I thought it would be time to read something light. I went into Lobsters quite blind so I did not know what to expect and what the story was about.

Due to going into the book with no knowledge of the book beforehand I thought this would be a good thing because it would mean that my hopes wouldn`t be high. However when I was half way into the book nothing exiting was happening and I felt quite let down. I thought there was going to be something significant about the book that would have pulled me right away, but there was not.

Sam and Hannah are typical 18 year olds who are worrying about their love life and are most likely feeling the pressure to get a girlfriend and boyfriend. In addition they also have their A level results day coming up and both of them are anxious about getting into the university they want.

One of the biggest let down for me is the characters. I couldn`t relate with any of the characters. The characters were just not real enough for me, I think the reason for this is because of the writing.Read More »

Books I want to re-read in 2016

Hello fellow bookworms,

Today I thought I tell you all the books I want to reread this year because I have been meaning and wanting to reread some books that are on my bookshelf. Although because I am a mood reader (I only read book when I am in the mood) I haven`t reread any books yet, so I though during the year 2016 I should reread some books. 

Meanwhile I do know that rereading books is such a hot-topic in the blogging community and some bloggers will prefer not to read books that have already read again because they have a massive TBR (to-be-read) pile. However my TBR pile is not that big, it only contains about 14 books, I think, therefore I have the time and my reading schedule is a little bit stressful. 


The first book (or books I should say) is the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. With the recent TV series that aired I thought it was time that I reread the series to relive my love for the characters. This series especially is on my number one list because I read this series (the first three books) 4 years ago and I have been wanting to read them again but I keep holding of reading. I wanted to read them in winter because it`s a fantasy series and winter speaks fantasy to me, although when winter came along I wasn`t in the mood. 


Next I would love to reread/read the Harry Potter series. I have already explained this, but the read why I have not read the whole entire series is because the size of the books scared me. Being a little child I was not prepared to read them, however I am a little older so I think it is the time. The time to finally finish the series.Read More »

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review

Publisher: Orion (2 July 2015)

Format:  Paperback: 400 pages

Source: Brought


This world is based on Reds (who have read blood) and Silvers (who have silver blood). Mare (our protagonist) is a red blood and red bloods are the lowest of the low, they are peasants compared to the silvers, who have everything. Silvers have power and this is the reason why they outlaw the reds, but when Mare finds out she has a power could it be the end for this injustice system?


Due to all the hype based on this one novel, I really wanted to read this book and live up to the hype like other readers. What I found was a big downfall of this book was the characters, they didn`t seem to click with each other and I wasn`t persuaded enough to believe in them. Another thing is I couldn`t relate to any other the characters, nevertheless Mare, who I found to be quite annoying and making silly mistakes. I also found she wasn`t acting her age, she acted like a six year old girl who was just doing what she wanted without thinking of the consequences.

In addition I found the plot was quite a cliché. I could predict what would happen and I wasn’t left wanting to read more. As I got further into the book I found this book was like any other dystopian book I`ve read, there was a girl who has found something new about herself and she going trying to break out of society and ruin everything. In my opinion I have had enough of these so called dystopian novels, there is nothing different about each of them, and Red Queen as I thought wasn`t any different. On the other hand I didn`t predict the plot twist so this was something worth reading, and yes like many others I was surprised. I thought it was quite clever that there were clues throughout the book saying:

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

“He`s his mother`s son.”

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“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

The apple tart of hope by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald Review

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books (5 Jun. 2014)

Format: Hardcover (272 pages)

Source: Borrowed from friend


Oscar is the perfect boy that everyone loves. He is kind and friendly- he also makes the best apple tarts. Nothing in the whole world could turn Oscar`s heart into something ugly because of how genuine and positive he is. But when he goes missing it looks that the inevitable can happen. The story unfolds what made Oscar go missing and the journey of his best friend Meg who goes onto trying to find him.


This novel was not what I was expecting, it was so much more! It is a love and growing up story at the heart of it but it contained some life quotations that everyone can learn from. I kept on wanting to turn a page and read on.

“One thing I’ve learned about peace is that not all of it is good. Peace can be fragile and peace can be ugly and peace can be wrong. Peace built on lies is no peace at all.”

I really enjoyed the flashbacks, they were done really well, and I enjoyed the idea of someone making apple tarts. It certainly made me want to start backing apple tarts. The apple tarts however wasn`t just there for no purpose, the apple tarts symbolise hope.

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All fall down by Ally Carter Review

Publisher: Scholastic Press (January 20th)

Format: Paperback (320 pages)

Source:  This book was sent to me

Synopsis: For Grace life is different now. It’s all about trying tosee the truth that her mother`s death was an accident and that she is wrong.There is no scarred man.

Review: I had previously read all of Ally Carter`s books and loved the, because of the adventure that was in them, so natural I was desperate to read this book. The start of the book was a bit confusing because I didn`t feel as if the character and plot was brought into the book well and it felt very rushed. The thing which could improve the book is to create a background for the characters and a better description of them. On the other hand as I got into the book I found it easier to follow the plot and to read the book. Read More »