Me Before You Movie Review

Hey guys,

So since I`ve recently read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and watched the movie adaption, I thought it would be quite fun to write a review to compare the movie towards the book.

Just a little disclaimer first: I am not a professional movie reviewer and I have no experience what so ever, so I`m just going to what I feel right and we`re going to have a roll (I hope it`s going to be one of the most thrilling ride you`ve ever been on!!!

When I read Me Before You I was immediately drawn into the British town and the British wit that most of the characters seem to possess. Therefore I was quite anxious before I watched the film, because I wasn`t sure if the movie would portray this British wit with justice. However, I was evenly settled as the movie had close links with the novel itself. For example, most of the prominent parts of the books, like when Will tells Lou she hasn`t been anywhere yet and this is why her favourite place is the castle.

Furthermore I feel like the movie has done the book justice because there were quotes taken from the book and the plot of the movie was exactly like the book (apart from some minor bits, which I will talk about later). The movie even gave out the same tone that the book did- it was humorous at the beginning, but it also had the melancholy tone that the book had.

Moreover the film was an accurate adaption of the film- there weren`t any new plot added. I was also able to connect with the characters, like I did with the book. Emilia Clark, who plays Lou, was an amazing actress who captured Lou`s character and she was so funny and such a likable character. In addition Sam Caflin, who plays Will, also captured Will`s character and he was able to portray the raw emotions that made me cry. To sum up, the actors was aimed correctly with their portrayal of the characters and they definitely did serve the book justice. They had my two friends bawling their eyes out!Read More »

Insurgent movie review

Insurgent movie poster.

Firstly my favourite part was in the beginning when Tris, Four and Caleb were jumping on the train. The reason why I LOVE this part sooooooo much is because it reminds me what Divergent was like and how I should definitely enjoy the film. It also shows Tris as really bad-ass character.

My least favourite part was near the end where Tris wanted to open the box. This is because in a way it shows that Tris doesn`t really care about Four, who will do anything for her even give up his own life. In a way I feel like Tris takes Four`s love for granted.

Overall the film is full of action and is really fast paced. I recommend watching it to get a sense of what the Divergent world would look like and what action will be like on screen. It was a little true to the book but the way things are filmed aren`t the way I pictured it in my mind.

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