A Reflection of My Reading Life

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great week! Today I thought it was time to do another Reflection on My Reading Life because I said I would do one of this post one a month and it is now March.

A Reflection of My Reading Life is a new monthly post here on Life is Sweet in Books where I will be reflecting and telling you about what I have recently read and my reading experiences.



The books I have read recently are:

The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury

I had been waiting a whole year for this book to come out because I really enjoyed the first book and I was intrigued to see where the story would go and what would happen to the main characters. I had recently posted a review for this book so if you want to read more about this book and my feelings the check my review here.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 

Last year I tried to read this book because I heard that it is many people`s favourite book! However when I read it I couldn`t get into the book so I returned it to the library. Although I decided to read the book again because I really hate reading a book and not finishing it, but I don`t mind not finishing a book that I didn`t like. Overall the book was okay, I couldn`t really relate to any of the characters and I found some parts of the book quite unnecessary. I was expecting to love this book more due to the hype.Read More »

2016 Adaptations to look forward to


I wanted to do another 2016 post today because I feel like this is one of the important ones- book to movie adaptations. If you did not know, I love watching films and I especially love book-to-movie adaptations! Some of my favourite films are actually books that have been turned to films like Mockingjay Part 2 and The Hobbit.

Therefore I thought I do little, you know, a sneaky post to see what films there to look out for (please be aware that this is  not all of the book-to-movie adaptations that come out this year, I only chose the ones that I am personally interested in)

Currently in cinema is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. This book/film follows a girl named Cassie where in her world the human race is invaded by aliens. She has to find her brother who had been taken and she encounters a few people on the way. I really loved this book so I cannot wait to see the film and see if it lives up to the book.

In February Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes out. This is an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with a zombie take on it. When I first heard about this film I thought it was quite funny because, you know, zombies in a Jane Austen book! I haven`t read this book so I`m not sure whether I will watch the film.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth comes out in February. This is the last book in the Divergent trilogy, although I`m not sure why they split the book into two for the films. I saw the trailer and I`m not that impressed with it because it doesn`t really look like the book.

Then Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass comes out. I really enjoyed the first adaptation and this one looks equally as good. I also need to read the book before I see the film!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes comes out at some point in 2016. I haven`t read the book but I am looking forward to reading it because I know that it is loved by many people and the sequel recently came out. 

I was really surprised to hear that the BFG by Roald Dahl was adapted in to a film! I can`t remember if I have read the book before because I know that I`ve read many of Roald Dahl`s works, Matilda being my favourite. Nevertheless I think that this film will be a great one for the family.Read More »

The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson Review

Publisher: David Fickling Books (7 Jan. 2016)

Format: Paperback (360 pages)

Source: This book was sent to me


This book is a story about a boy who feels like a girl and a boy who has had a troubled past. Together they meet and their lives have changed before they know it. For good or for the better only they will know.



This book was such a lovely book to read because it explore a controversial topic that doesn`t appear in YA as much as it should. When I began the book I was sure that this book would be very much heavy on the LGBT topic, but I was surprised when it wasn`t. Williamson writes in a way that the theme is the main topic of the book but it doesn`t take all the plot away. The book itself read like a contemporary book.

When I read the book I felt as though the characters were so real because of the way Williamson portrayed them. The author writes in a way that the teenage voice is the main aspect of the book. I enjoyed David`s character, although at times I was a bit confused because I didn`t know his choices for his actions. However I did like Leo because he is like a book, you see him but you don`t know who he truly is. The fact that this book is based on the transgender topic many people won`t be able to relate to the characters personally but Williamson makes sure that it is able to relate to the characters by writing them so that they resemble actual teenagers.

The plot of this book was just like a normal contemporary book (at first glance) then during somewhat in the middle of the book there was a plot twist. Now being a good book reviewer I won`t spoil you but what I can say is the plot twist was much unexpected for me. I didn`t expect what was going to happen, in a good way, and I enjoyed the plot twist as it gave another element to the book that was a bit drowsy. Overall the plot had a great purpose and it makes you read another side of this genre and it definitely makes you think but also you gain another insight that may affect you actions in the future.Read More »

Dragon`s Loyalty Blog Award

Hi guys,

Today I`m back with a very exiting post! I was nominated by the wonderful Kiwi from Kiwireads who also has a amazing blog, so you should definitely check it out!

Yes I know this isn`t strictly a book post but I`m trying to incorporate some non book posts on my blog as well, and this will be one of them.

The rules of this award are:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Announce your win with a post link the blogger who awarded you
  • Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award
  • Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded
  • Write seven interesting things about you

Here is the award

The award is really pretty and it reminds me of fairy tales (ps: I got this photo from the internet so it is not mine). I also absolutely love dragons!!

Seven interesting things about me:

  1. I love fruit! I think that fruits are the only type of food that I can eat all the time. From mangoes to strawberries I love them all.
  2. Surprisingly my worse subject at school is English! I hate English with a passion and I cannot see myself studying another text!
  3. I am a huge fan of Marvel! 
  4. I would love to start reading comics but I don`t know which one, there are many and they are really expensive.
  5. I`m trying to understand twitter, but I really can`t. I don`t what to tweet and I just feel awkward when I tweet.
  6. I want to try to read more classics.
  7. I don`t know how to read manga. I find reading backwards really confusing.

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Review

Publisher: Puffin Classics

Format: Paperback (240 pages)

Source: Library copy


There are two gangs. One is called the Socs who are rich and have enough money but they spend their time jumping on the Greasers for fun. The eastside kids are called the Greasers and they are known for having long and greasy hair. Socs and Greasers have never gotten on and things have just been the way it is, until something unexpected happens that causes their life to drastically change…


I actually don`t know where to start with this review. I loved this book because of how real it is and the way it is a real eye opener. However, before I started this book I didn`t know what to expect but I knew that it was a well-loved book, so I wanted to try it. Picking up the book and slowly turning the first page I started the book. A few hours later I was deep into the book and I had to force myself to stop reading and sleep instead. A few days later I finished the book and I found myself rereading the book. I found myself loving the book.

One of the reason why I loved this book is because of the characters. The narrator is called Ponyboy and he is 14 year old. Hinton was only 17 when she wrote this book so her narration of Ponyboy is realistic. Ponyboy is the younger brother if two brothers called Darry and Sodapop. Since the gang Ponyboy is in is full of hard looking boys, we get an alternative from Ponyboy because he is just normal, and this is a good thing because as a reader we get to understand the book and the language that is used. Ponyboy is also quite innocent and he is never biased towards anyone particularly (further on in the book).

Although the character I found myself loving the best is Darry. He is only 20 and he has to take care of his family. I could relate to him because he has to be harsh on Ponyboy in order for him to have a good future. All the characters Hinton writes are very real and as a reader you will be able to relate to at least one of the characters.

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Magisterium: The Iron Trials by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Review

Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (11 September 2014)

Format: Hardcover (320 pages)

Source: Brought


A lot of people dream of having magic and the ability to do anything, but not Callum. When it`s Callum`s turn to attend the test for the Magisterium, a school where magic is taught, his father tells him to do his best to fail. Not the kind of father that wants his son to succeed Allister tells his son to fail and teaches Callum the bad things about this school and Mages. Although when Callum gets into the school he sees that it is not all bad…



From wanting to read this book for a long time the want turned into a need. Finally when I got my hands on the book I could finally live the writing and the plot of this book. In this book I`ve found many resemblance to the characters in the books Harry Potter. We have Tamara who sticks to the rules and is studious, doesn`t she sound like another Hermione? Like many other readers out there I found it very hard to stop thing about Harry Potter (HP) and to see the characters in The Iron Trials as themselves, however some of the time it was quite hard.

Although I did like how at some point the trio in this book were different to the trio in HP and I could see the characters the way the authors see them. For example in one part of the book Callum was reckless and he did something that he shouldn`t have, this was the moment when I could see Callum and fell in love with characters. In addition I loved Havoc (Callum`s chaos ridden wolf).


This book reminded why I love reading middle grade/children books because the writing is so simple and I will probably never have a problem with reading these types of books. There is no big metaphors that are confusing and there is so no instant romance. I feel like children books have no limits compared to YA books and the imagination is just much greater-it`s infinite. Like I said the book was really easy to read and I had no problems connecting with the book.

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Are some books over-hyped?

Hello and welcome back to lifeissweetinbooks. Today I have another questiony/ranty post where I will discussing popular books.

Recently or over the past year or so booktube has been discovered by many publishers and so publishers have been sending books to many of the booktubers who have a lot if views. While this may create a arc envy towards other booktubers and bloggers it means that many people will talk a lot about the same book.

From my own personal experiences I have seen many books that are raved and talked about a lot but when I actually read the book I didn`t enjoy it as I thought I would. When I hear about a book over and over again I know that I definitely enjoy it because many people have, although in reality I didn`t. A recent example of this is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I was expecting so much from this book because everyone said that it was their favourite book of 2015 and the plot twist was suspenseful, however I didn`t enjoy the book, the plot was obvious and a bit of a cliche.Read More »

Why you should read

When life gets to hard or the feeling of stress takes over, you need something to take the negativity away and immerse yourself in different world where nothing can touch you. Thinking the solution is netflix and watching a film? Think again. There`s a better option and this is books!

I`ve suddenly realised that I have been reading less and there`s no time for me to read anymore due to always being busy with other things. However because of this I`ve been feeling like I have been missing something and I feel incomplete, in a weird way. The only time I have to read now is before bed and the time is limited. In a way I feel like I have forgotten my love for books. I have forgotten why I love reading. Therefore the purpose of toady`s post is to recap why I love reading and to maybe persuade the non-readers to read.

2015-08-25 13.57.00_edited

Reading is a way to escape reality and to encounter and adventure or read about a certain topic that you feel strongly about. You don`t have to read fiction, reading is reading. I find that I really love reading fantasy and adventure books because lets face it, in real life I wouldn`t be able to slay dragons or take a ride on a unicorn (unicorns are real).

For a more scientific point of view, there are many benefits of reading regularly for pleasure:

  • You`ll have better sleeping patterns- a massive pro because we all love sleeping.
  • You would be better at dealing with difficult situations.
  • You would have more self esteem and be more confident.

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review

Publisher: Orion (2 July 2015)

Format:  Paperback: 400 pages

Source: Brought


This world is based on Reds (who have read blood) and Silvers (who have silver blood). Mare (our protagonist) is a red blood and red bloods are the lowest of the low, they are peasants compared to the silvers, who have everything. Silvers have power and this is the reason why they outlaw the reds, but when Mare finds out she has a power could it be the end for this injustice system?


Due to all the hype based on this one novel, I really wanted to read this book and live up to the hype like other readers. What I found was a big downfall of this book was the characters, they didn`t seem to click with each other and I wasn`t persuaded enough to believe in them. Another thing is I couldn`t relate to any other the characters, nevertheless Mare, who I found to be quite annoying and making silly mistakes. I also found she wasn`t acting her age, she acted like a six year old girl who was just doing what she wanted without thinking of the consequences.

In addition I found the plot was quite a cliché. I could predict what would happen and I wasn’t left wanting to read more. As I got further into the book I found this book was like any other dystopian book I`ve read, there was a girl who has found something new about herself and she going trying to break out of society and ruin everything. In my opinion I have had enough of these so called dystopian novels, there is nothing different about each of them, and Red Queen as I thought wasn`t any different. On the other hand I didn`t predict the plot twist so this was something worth reading, and yes like many others I was surprised. I thought it was quite clever that there were clues throughout the book saying:

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

“He`s his mother`s son.”

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Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Mass Review

Publisher:  Bloomsbury (1 Sept. 2015)

Format: Paperback (656 pages)

Source: Brought


It`s time for Celaena to get back to Ardarlan to destroy the King and to save to people who had suffered from his evilness. However when she gets back there are so many things she needs to do before she can carry out her own task. Without any doubt this is the hardest time for Celaena and her somewhat compainions.


I think one of the reasons why I love reading book series and especially this series is because of the character development that intertwines with the story but also how real the characters are. I love the fact that Mass takes her time with the characters to show who they really are and their traits and weaknesses. You don`t feel like you are missing out on anything in this book. You get to feel and be the characters whilst you read the book because all the characters get their part to tell their story. I also felt Celaena has grown up so much in this book and we don`t see her as the eighteen year old she is but we actually see her as a leader, a queen.

From my own experiences I found that the books go better. Heir of Fire was my favourite book before I read this book, although now I would have to say it`s Queen of Shadows. The book itself is around 600 odd pages but I read it in 2 days! When you pick it up you feel like you`re in a trance and you can`t just stop reading. As much as the third book having a lot of twist and turns, the plot in this book gets better! Everything comes to place in this book and you see what happens to previous characters and events come together to create a big picture. As well as a lit if action happening in this book there is also some parts of Celaena`s past which breaks my heart when I read it. The plot was not expected and I don`t think you could guess what was going to happen- this is a good thing because I`ve seen so many things in YA that I could easily guess a book`s plot.

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