Heir of fire by Sarah J. Maas Review

Publisher: Bloomsbury (11 Sept. 2014)

Format: Paperback (576 pages)

Source: Brought


In this book we continue Celaena`s story of travelling to Wendlyn where Chaol sent her to keep her safe away from the King of Ardarlan. From magic to long lost cousins and witched to beasts. The stakes are high and everyone  must work together to protect and to destroy the King, but he is growing and he has a new source of power.


When I finished this book I was mind blown, I couldn`t believe what happened and how it happened.  I wasn`t expecting anything like this to happen and Heir of Fire surely lived up to my expectations. Every book gets better, how is this possible.

If you didn`t know Heir of Fire is the third book in the Throne of Glass series and it takes place after Crown of Midnight. I really like the cover of this book and it`s probably my favourite cover of this series so far.

In this book new characters are introduced and this makes the plot even more complex than it already is. My favourite character in this book would have to be Rowan because he is so mysterious and strong, basically perfect. He is also genuine and wants Celaena to succeed and what I love is just how he and Celaena get along so easily, I definitely ship them now. I found Choal really annoying in this book along with Dorian. Choal was making the wrong choices and not thing about them thoroughly and Dorian was just being reckless and acting like a spoilt prince. There is also a new perspective added in this book-witches. As exciting as it sounds it not really that exiting, I found their part of the books very confusing and quite boring.

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